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Teen Mom UK: Chloe opens up on Jordan, season 7 and quarantine life with Marley!

Teen Mom UK is back for its seventh series this spring, kicking off on Wednesday, April 1st and adding some much needed entertainment during the dull everyday of lockdown life.

Returning to our screens for another dose of baby drama are OG cast mates Chloe Patton, Megan Salmon Ferrari and Amber Butler. This season will see Amber exploring life as a mum of two, Megan dealing with her relationship, and Chloe dealing with both family and relationship struggles.

There will also be a new mum on the scene, Emma Finch!

Reality Titbit got the chance to speak with Chloe, now 21, about the upcoming season, her relationship status, and what she and baby Marley are getting up to during the coronavirus quarantine.

Emma, Chloe, Megan, Amber – Teen Mom UK season 7

So Chloe, how are you and Marley holding up in quarantine?

“I was really enjoying it but it’s starting to get boring now! Jordan [Edwards] is here, we’re all quarantining together. If he was locked down somewhere else he wouldn’t be able to see Marley for such a long time and I wouldn’t want that.”

What kind of things are keeping you guys entertained?

“I’ve been painting more than I’ve ever painted; chalking more than I’ve ever chalked. We are just being creative as hell.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

I’ve just been organising my whole house. I’ve got a massive list [of jobs] and I think if I do two of them everyday, I’ll be happy.”

So… does this mean that you and Jordan are back together?

“Literally everyone asks me this and my response is just ‘meh’. I don’t know. We haven’t really got a label. We’re not together; we’re not not together.

We are getting along really well with Marley, we get on better than ever because of isolation. With Marley there 24/7 we’ve got to behave, so no falling out because he can see and hear everything.

We’ll see, only time will tell because time is a big healer.”

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Let’s talk Teen Mom UK.

Series 7 is very personal for you. How was it filming this on camera?

“It’s been really hard [filming] this time. I’ve been really lucky with the series, like nothing really bad has happened, we’ve always been quite positive, whereas this time it has completely switched.

It was hard, I think if I didn’t have such a great team looking after me it would’ve been a lot harder. They were very understanding.”

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[Season 7] shows me learning to love myself again and bringing confidence back.

And what about new girl Emma?

“Me and the girls [Megan, Amber] have a chat and we knew a new girl was coming in. We were like FBI agents, we stalk and find everything! We are like family and it’s like new family coming in.

But we met her [Emma] and she was really lovely and she really fit in well.”

Is there anything you’re particularly excited for the viewers to see?

“I’ve only seen the first five and the first five are really hard. A lot happens with Jordan and my Grandad, it’s very sad.

But the finale is very nice – without giving too many spoilers away – it just shows me learning to love myself again and bringing confidence back and doing something for me. It ends on a nice note.”


Teen Mom UK series 7 premieres on MTV tonight at 8pm.

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