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Teen Mom's Shen Williams is 'enjoying little things' after cancer diagnosis

Shen Williams revealed she is “so enjoying the little things” despite being diagnosed with cancer. She shared a video on Instagram when the recent episode of Teen Mom aired, which quickly saw her comments flood with support.

Bar Smith’s mother left MTV viewers in tears when she shared the news with him. She has always been protective of her son but the tables were turned when Ashley Jones’ baby daddy found out a devastating diagnosis.

During the May 3rd 2022 episode, Ashley supported Bar through his mom’s health concerns. Shen shared that doctors found “a bunch of malignant stuff” on her spine, which left her son utterly heartbroken.

Shen has found a silver lining among her diagnosis, however and realised she is more grateful than ever for the little things, such as a “beautiful” dove she recently laid her eyes on.

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Who is Shen Williams?

Shenandoah “Shen” Williams is Bar Smith’s mother, who regularly makes an appearance on Teen Mom 2. She is the grandmother of his and Ashley Jones’ daughter and often spends time with them on the MTV series.

She hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with son Bar, and has been known to give her advice on any issues in his life. Shen quit Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant in 2018 after an explosive fight at Bar’s 21st birthday party, but has since returned.

Bar’s mom also had a feud with his wife, which began when the grandmother claimed the packages she was sending to Ashley’s daughter Holly were getting returned by mail in December 2020.

Bar’s mom reveals she has cancer

Shen revealed she has a tumour during a catch-up with son Bar. “It’s a tumour and they can’t stop it,” she said as Bar started breaking down in tears. She also revealed she has upcoming hematology and oncology appointments.

Airing on the side of positivity, she added she is “excited” to get “free” massage therapy sessions because of her condition. Bar commended her for staying positive amid the bad news, which she has kept up ever since the diagnosis.

Her main advice was telling Bar not let the news bring him down because he has a wife and daughter to take care of and they “need him the most”. Shen has taken to Instagram to talk about her joy for the “little things”.

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She is enjoying ‘the little things’

Shen shared a video on Instagram, shortly after the May 3rd episode, which revealed she is “so enjoying the little things”. She added she went out into her yard and saw a dove during what she described as a “stressful” morning.

She continued:

You’ve got to appreciate the little things. I know my nails are overdue but I just did a party. I’m out.

The post received more than 1,000 views and a multitude of comments, which mainly consisted of fans having her in their prayers and sharing their support towards Bar’s mother.

A fan commented:

Your positivity through the variety of trials you go through is nothing short of inspiring, makes me really think twice about the things in my life that I constantly ruminate on that truly are not as bad as I make them out to be. You remind me of how I should be focusing on the many blessings and beautiful things that are a part of life. I’ll definitely have you in my prayers, God bless you queen.



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