The Challenge first aired in 1998 and has had an extensive time on-air with an impressive 37 seasons. Fans of the show are now keen to find out when the release date of season 38 is.

The Challenge was originally called Real World/Road Rules Challenge but as the intense competition is such a challenge it was renamed accordingly. The show sees stars from reality television shows appear on the MTV obstacle show.

The 37th season of “The Challenge,” called “Spies, Lies and Allies,” has aired on MTV over the past month and the show’s creators are yet to announce the fate of the 38th season…but that doesn’t stop the speculation!

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What is The Challenge season 38 release date?

Last night, 15 December, saw the end of The Challenge season 37 so let’s figure out an estimate of when we can expect to see season 38 on our screens. Still, a premiere date has not been officially confirmed.

GamerVev Twitter account who is known for previously presenting rather accurate information about The Challenge has said that fans could receive the 38th season from as early as January 2022.

However, the show usually operates in the format of three seasons within the span of two years. As we’ve had two seasons in 2021, it is thought that the new season is at least a couple of months away. The network will likely announce a release date in the coming months before the premiere.

Although MTV is yet to announce any information regarding the 38th season, rumours have been circulating concerning the release dates and cast for the upcoming season. Rumours were first raised on Reddit by a user called PinkRose who believes that filming for the 38th season of the show had been delayed. The Reddit user also theorized that the third season of “The Challenge: All-Stars,” will be filming soon.

The Challenge season 38 explored

To get an idea of who may be appearing in season 38 it is helpful to know what it will be called for example previously the theme has been “Rivals” or “Battle of the Exes”. It is likely that as always we will get a mixture of new and familiar faces.

Fans are hoping that season 38 will have a non-movie related theme because the movie and spy themes make the missions and eliminations slightly trickier and ‘boring’.

Due to the recent stricter coronavirus protocol due to the spread of the virus, much as we saw during season 37. The Challenge Season 37 Episode 19 was released on 15 December 2021 and fans had a lot to say about the conclusion. It is certain that the tense Spies, Lies and Allies finale made fans even more excited for the season 38 premiere.

Fans react to The Challenge season 38

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