The Challenge Season 38 winner has finally been announced as the show came to an end on Wednesday, February 15. We saw two teams compete in the final for the million-dollar cash prize, here’s who went home with the money.

WARNING: The Challenge Season 38 final spoilers

It has been a tense lead-up to the final and it hasn’t been smooth sailing. In fact, inside the first 18 hours of the final there were many medical emergencies; we saw Nany injure her knee, Olivia Kasier hurt her finger and had a golf ball launched in her face, whilst Aneesa twisted her ankle.

One by one, contestants got defeated and at the end of The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season 38 finale, the champions of the show did something wildly unexpected…

Olivia The Challenge pulling back slingshot with a helmet on
Credit: MTV/MTV’s The Challenge YouTube

Who is The Challenge season 38 winner?

Tori and Devin won the season together and became the Challenge Champions.

The final saw Tori and Devin compete against Bananas and Nany; who didn’t finish the second part of the last challenge. This allowed Tori and Devin to steam ahead and win the game. As TJ Lavin announced them as the champions who won a million dollars.

In their winning speech, Devin announced the shocking news that he and Tori were going to share their prize money with all the finalists. This includes Bananas, Nany, Aneesa, Jordan, Olivia, and Horacio. Kindly, they decided to give $38,000 each to fellow finalists. This was also done by the previous season’s winners CT Tamburello and Kaycee Clark. However, the Season 37 winners gave $50,000 each to the final teams.

All of the finalists heard the speech as they were all in attendance at Season 38’s finale. Olivia and Horacio had a medical emergency on the first day of the 100-hour finale so could not continue with the competition. Whereas Aneesa and Jordan were eliminated in episode 19.

The contestants appeared to be over the moon with Tori and Devin winning. Even more so overjoyed by the fact they had been awarded a significant amount of money for taking part. Upon the annoucnement, Nany ran over to Tori to give her a big hug as Bananas, Aneesa, Jordan, Olivia, and Horacio stood in disbelief at the decision.

Have Tori and Devin ever won The Challenge before?

Before Ride or Dies, Devin appeared on The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies where he finished in the top three. Whilst this season was his seventh time competing, and third final, he had never won The Challenge before now.

For Tori, the latest season was also her seventh appearance in the franchise and marked her fourth final, this is her first time winning The Challenge.



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