Fayasal ‘Fessy’ Shafaat and Tori Deal have sparked dating rumours but are the Challenge stars in a relationship?

Since the start of the current series of The Challenge, there have been plenty of drama situations on the show. One of them involves Fessy and Tori as speculations emerged about the two MTV stars that they are together.

As one of the most favourite contestants on The Challenge, fans can’t help but wonder whether they are more than friends. 

So, are Fessy and Tori dating? Tori has finally addressed the rumours and explained what the actual truth is.

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Fessy and Tori’s rumoured relationship

Dating rumours about Fessy and Tori have been swirling since the beginning of the series back in December, 2020.

The speculations grew after co-star Cory claimed that Fessy and Tori would date for a year and travel to Mexico after the MTV series comes to an end.

Plus, fans went crazy after an alleged snap of Fessy and Tori from the Turks and Caicos Islands went viral on social media.

Speaking on The Official Challenge Podcast, Aneesa called out Tori for the alleged picture.

“I’ve been trying to lay low,” Tori told Aneesa to which Aneesa replied: “You mean, laying low in Turks?”

“You’re gonna call me out right now?” Deal responded. “I thought we were friends. I thought this was a safe space.”

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Tori shuts down the dating rumours

The truth is that Tori and Fessy are not dating as Tori has shut down the rumours.

In the latest episode of The Official Challenge Podcast, the Challenge star said that she and Fessy “linked up” after the show was over, however, they both decided to stay friends.

Tori said: “So Cory was wrong, we didn’t date for a year, we didn’t go to Mexico. We are just homies. I’m just gonna say that right now. Everybody who’s out there wondering what’s happening between me and Fessy, absolutely nothing.”

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What is Fessy up to?

Based on Fessy’s recent social media posts, he’s been enjoying travelling to different parts of the world while the current series of The Challenge airs on the telly.

He is currently on a holiday in Tulum, Mexico with a couple of friends.

Prior to that, he was in Dubai and Pakistan.



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