Does Fessy Shafaat get kicked off The Challenge season 37?

Does Fessy Shafaat get kicked off The Challenge season 37?

MTV’s The Challenge has returned with its 37th season which premiered on August 11th.

The show where 17 American’s battle 17 International players for a $1 million shared prize, will see just as much intensity, rivalry and drama as ever before.

With arguments and fights to come, one player, Fessy Shafaat can’t seem to steer clear of it.

So who is Fessy and will his behaviour lead to disqualification? Reality Titbit has all of your questions answered.

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

Who is Fessy Shafaat?

Born in Orlando, Florida, Fessy Shafaat is formerly an American Football Player. Now a reality TV personality, The Challenge season 37 is not his only MTV show.

Having appeared on two previous season’s of The Challenge, Fessy, has also featured as a contestant of Big Brother 20 and American Ninja Warrior.

Also an athlete, Fessy, 29, has a fitness Instagram page where he partakes in boxing as his main sport.

Why could Fessy be kicked off The Challenge 37?

In a heated episode of The Challenge, viewers saw Fessy and player, Josh Martinez in an altercation.

The pair who created a Big Brother alliance, having both appeared on the show, as well as being friends in real life, were seen to cause a scene when Fessy broke their alliance.

Contestant, Amber who was also part of the alliance, was voted into elimination by Fessy and Josh was not happy about it.

Fessy ultimately turned the argument physical, hitting Josh in the face. Having violated the show’s rules, it seems that Fessy could be disqualified due to his actions.

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Twitter fan reactions to Fessy and Josh

Across Twitter, it appears viewers of the show are agreed on their opinion of Fessy and it’s not in his favour.

Although some have come to Fessy’s defence, claiming Josh shouldn’t have gotten so close to him during the argument, it seems fans wouldn’t be shocked or mind too much if Fessy was sent home.

However, it also appears that Josh lost a lot of fans since the argument…

Twitter users are also predicting if Fessy will be disqualified and it seems that most believe he will be. Although not alone, Esther who also poured her drink over Josh in the argument, is predicted to be leaving with Fessy.

It has not yet been announced what exactly the consequences of Fessy’s actions will be, however, disqualification is definitely on the cards.



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