How tall is Kyle Christie from The Challenge compared to Ed Eason?
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How tall is Kyle Christie from The Challenge compared to Ed Eason?

Kyle Christie was chosen to enter the empty pit, meaning he had to fight Ed Eason, and viewers couldn’t help but wonder how tall they are.

The agents’ height difference was the main talk among those who tuned in for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies‘ recent episode, on October 20th.

Many viewers weren’t prepared for Ed and Kyle’s battle, with many noticing how much the latter was being “thrown around”.

We can reveal the exact height of both Kyle Christie and Ed Eason… and fans can decide for themselves whether it was a fair fight!

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The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

How tall is Kyle Christie?

Kyle is 5 ft 11 in height, according to reports.

Despite some viewers thinking Ed was “throwing Kyle around”, others thought he may be more skilled in other areas than height.

This includes never having lost a poll wrestle in the past.

The MTV star has been described as “long and goofy” by Ed Eason before, which some viewers agreed with during the October 20th episode.

Ed Eason’s height compared

Ed Eason is taller than Kyle Christie, by several inches – at 6 ft 2.

He has actually spoken out about how his height could affect him on The Challenge before – not much at all, apparently.

Ed said:

Just because I am not the tallest dude out there, people are going to underestimate me. But I am a powerhouse.

This was highlighted when he slammed Kyle into the ground and won the latest challenge, with viewers in shock at just how strong Ed is.

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Fans react to Kyle and Ed’s fight

Viewers were definitely on edge when Ed chose Kyle to fight him.

All over Twitter, it’s clear that some realised how capable Ed was of winning, while others had Kyle’s different strengths in mind.

One fan wrote: “Ed’s throwing Kyle like a ragdoll #TheChallenge37.”

Another said: “Ed choosing Kyle on #TheChallenge37.

“Ed: “He’s tall and goofy. I’m built like a wrestler.” *Shows clip of Kyle beating CT, who is “also built like a wrestler”.”

One viewer had Kyle’s back, and said: “That tentativeness for Ed in choosing does not speak well to his chances against Kyle.

“Kyle certainly has his holes but the man has grip strength.”



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