Tyson Apostol's fortune is less than half the $1 million he won on Sole Survivor
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Tyson Apostol's fortune is less than half the $1 million he won on Sole Survivor

Tyson Apostol is known for being a successful cyclist, but has he rode his way to a whopping fortune? His competitive streak is clear to see on The Challenge and Sole Survivor – and it reflects in his net worth.

He has been a popular contestant on Survivor: Tocantins, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, and later Survivor: Blood vs Water, where he won the whopping million dollar prize as Sole Survivor. And time will tell if he wins The Challenge.

As a result of his reality appearances, fans are wondering just how rich he has become for his sporty success. However, when it comes to the MTV show, Tyson told Us Weekly he didn’t want to compete in the show initially. 

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Tyson Apostol’s net worth

Tyson is currently worth $450K, as per Celebrity Net Worth. He won the $1 million prize for winning Survivor: Blood vs Water back in 2013, and nine years later, is now competing on The Challenge: USA.

His main source of money comes from being a bike shop owner and former professional cyclist in Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria, most notably riding for the Austrian professional continental team, Team Volksbank.

He is also a dropout of Brigham Young University where he was attending under a swimming scholarship, and spent two years in the Philippines as a Mormon missionary. Now, he runs three podcasts and appears on reality TV.

Another way Tyson gets an income is through playing poker. As of 2021, he has won $21,822 in live tournament winnings in nine different events. He also appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 2 with partner Rachel Foulger.

His Survivor win in 2013

Tyson is known for securing the Survivor: Blood vs Water win in 2013. He took home $1 million in winnings on the season finale after defeating runners-up Monica Culpepper and Gervase Peterson in a 7–1–0 vote.

He was cast as a contestant alongside his long-time girlfriend Rachel. He was assigned to the Galang tribe, while she went to Tadhana. Foulger was the third person eliminated from the game.

Tyson was responsible for most of the jury members’ eliminations, but his method of playing the game was praised, and he was voted the $1 million winner, receiving seven of the eight jury votes!

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The Challenge fans root for him

Although several viewers think Tyson is a potential winner of The Challenge: USA 2022, he never actually wanted to take part in the first place. However, his competitive side got the better of him. He told US Weekly:

I didn’t want to do this at all. I’m just super chill. I hate people coming in and feeling like they’re entitled to win. The second the cards and chips aren’t in their favor, they wig the f*ck out. I hate that type of person.

Due to his past success on the gruelling MTV series, fans can’t help but notice how skilful he is within the show tasks.

One fan wrote: “Tyson truly is a beast. He dragged her [Cashay] instead of making her swim when she could not swim therefore she was able to keep her energy up and keep moving her feet. Such a smart move.”

Another shared their thoughts on Twitter and said: “I feel like Tyson really gets and respects #TheChallenge and that’s partially why he’s so good at #TheChallengeUSA!”



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