What happened to Michele on The Challenge 37? Injury explained

What happened to Michele on The Challenge 37? Injury explained

Michele Fitzgerald appears to get injured during the Sea Cave Recon task on MTV’s The Challenge 37. Viewers may wonder what happened.

Every week, each pair of contestants is given a challenge – such as the Sea Cave Recon – where the agents are tasked with recovering two bombs.

Rookie new partners Michele and Corey Lay appear to be trying their best, but are faced with difficulty when she hurts herself and is covered in blood.

Following the gruelling challenge, viewers may be wondering what actually happened amongst all of the commotion, and how she is now.

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The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

What happened to Michele on The Challenge?

  • Rumor has it that Michele’s nose gets “busted”.

An unofficial source on Twitter responded to the upcoming challenge clip, and said: “Little does she know her nose about to get busted.”

After they jump into the water, Corey notices that Michele has hurt herself in the fray, as she has blood running down her face.

During a confessional, he said:

All I see is this gushing blood down Michele’s face. I know in this moment I cannot tell her about it because she might psych herself out. If Michele’s bleeding for this thing, I cannot let her down.

So, it looks like Michele hurts her nose during the challenge, but it is unknown if she actually breaks it or whether she just injures herself.

What is the Sea Cave Recon challenge?

  • Agents are tasked with retrieving two active bombs from the water as fast as they can.

To begin, each partner duo has to jump from a 30-ft cliff into the sea.

They then have to dive deep down to recover the first of two bombs, before swimming inside a cave to find their second active bomb.

Once they have got both active bombs, they have to swim to a Wave runner that will drag them to a checkpoint.

Agents swim the rest of the way to the checkpoint to deactivate the bombs.

Viewers predict Michele and Corey’s success

When the duo were almost eliminated, some fans felt they did not deserve to be at risk compared to other pairs.

One fan thinks she will go far in the Spies, Lies and Allies challenge.

They wrote: “Michele’s been getting a ton of early press for the show, way more than Tommy and Michaela so I feel like she either does decent or at least leaves an impression.”

Others reckon she does well when it comes to socialising. A fan said: “Michele is just so natural with this cast.”

Although Michele and Corey are rookies, they are already favorites to win due to her experience on Survivor and their combined drive to succeed.



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