Who is Derek on The Challenge and what happened to his sister?
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Who is Derek on The Challenge and what happened to his sister?

Derek Chavez has joined MTV’s The Challenge: All Stars this year, and began opening up about the loss of his sister Briana on the latest ep.

He was eliminated after going head-to-head with Nehemiah, going on to say that his sister would have been proud to see him compete.

Just before the Dead Weight elimination, the MTV star, who has appeared on CutthroatBattle of the Seasons, and Rivals II in the past, got emotional.

Derek revealed that, just before the show, he found out that he had lost his sister. We got to know who Derek is, and what happened to his sister.

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

Who is Derek on The Challenge?

Derek Chavez is a 33-year-old reality star from From Phoenix, Arizona, who originally appeared on The Real World: Cancun.

He first competed in the Cutthroat season as a complete rookie, and was eliminated in the first episode against Brandon.

The athlete, who is proficient in track, baseball, basketball, and volleyball, then starred on 2012’s Battle of the Seasons, until he lost in episode 12.

Next, he entered Rivals II, alongside partner Robb, but left three eps in. His latest stint was on The Challenge: All Stars, alongside partner Melinda.

What happened to his sister?

Derek’s sister took her own life. He found out by receiving a phone call the day before he left for The Challenge: All Stars.

During a confessional, Derek revealed that his younger sister had passed. Jonna comforted him outside The Challenge house after he told her about it.

Confessing that his little sister was the biggest fan of him on this show, he went on to add that he needed to be at The Challenge right now.

Before the elimination, Joanna drew a heart with “BRE” on Derek’s arm.

Jonna, Jasmine Reynaud, and Ryan also wore the letter “B” at the elimination to pay tribute to his late sister.

Derek wrote on Instagram: “I hope she’s at peace and no longer suffering.”

Who was Derek Chavez’s sister?

Derek’s younger sister who passed was BreAna Chavez. He revealed she will be joining their father in heaven, and was buried with him.

The brother-sister duo often had “sissy parties” together, and she always tuned in for The Challenge when her brother was competing.

She often created art, which has now been kept safely by her family, and is described as “amazing” by her brother Derek.

BreAna was engaged to Jove, and was best friends with Savannah, Daisy and Gabby. Her friends usually called her “Bre” for short.



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