Why was Lauren deactivated from The Challenge? Amber B replaces her!

Why was Lauren deactivated from The Challenge? Amber B replaces her!

Lauren Coogan was deactivated from The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies this year, before being replaced by Amber Borzotra.

She was partnered up with Josh, until the August 18th episode saw her suddenly leave the MTV challenge, with no explanation from producers.

The reality star, who previously appeared on Love Island, was edited out of the season premiere, and has since spoke out about her exit.

As contestants compete for a share of the $1 million prize, viewers are sharing their guesses and concerns in reaction to Lauren’s departure.

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

Fans react to Lauren’s sudden exit

Viewers were confused as to why both Nam and Lauren have left The Challenge, and hope that they may return later.

Some are also responding to rumors that Lauren may have said something inappropriate, but it has not been confirmed what she actually said.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “first nam, now Lauren randomly deactivated and replaced with someone else?”

Another shared their confusion, and said: “Hold plz, what happened to Lauren? #thechallenge.”

“Completely edited Lauren out. And not there for the daily, wonder what occurred for her removal”, said a fan.

Why was Lauren Coogan deactivated?

  • Lauren said her “mental health was literally in shambles”

Sources on Twitter claim that the contestant said something inappropriate to a fellow The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies star.

Lauren herself said she did not want to disclose why she was deactivated.

This is “because it was so traumatic and led her into a lot of therapy, and counseling and the worst time of my life”, as reported by US Weekly.

She also said she was “gaslighted and scapegoated”, adding:

Honestly because Croatia is so far ahead, all the s**t that I was accused of saying, MTV legal didn’t have enough time to go over the tape before the next challenge started so I was f**ked.

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Who is Josh’s new partner?

Amber Borzotra, who won Double Agents, is Josh’s new partner.

She is thought to have been one of the alternates on location at the time.

Amber and Ed came in after the second quarantine as replacements, according to an MTV The Challenge fandom source.

This means that Amber has since partnered up with Josh, who was originally paired up with Lauren before her exit.

The former Big Brother contestant has won $455,000 during her experience on the MTV long-running series.



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