MTV brings us a brand new reality TV show about some posher than posh kids that swear they’re “normal” people – they just have drivers, butlers and cleaners.

If you’ve always wanted to watch six royals spend their summer together, mingling, partying and making some blue-blooded buddies then this one’s for you!

The Royal World kicked off Wednesday, November 7th.

Here’s what went down in episode 1…
Screen Shot: Lady Camilla The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

Welcome to The Royal World

Triple Baroness Jessica Alexandra Heydel was first into the house.

She said: “Statistically, I have a 99% probability that all the girls are going to hate me in the house.”
Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

Lady Camilla Beresford was next to arrive – by horseback, obviously – and made it clear that she wants to tear it up for the summer.

The Royals were actually quite different than expected. Not only did Adeniyi Obafemi Olopade admit to being on Tinder, but he also rolled up on a Segway.
Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

The girls also made a trip to the local corner shop and the group had a ‘Russian’ barbeque.
Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

While the boys were tasked with the barbeque, Baroness Jess proved she’s more than just a pretty face as she whipped out her hairdryer to help get the coals going.

The Royal World episode 1
Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

Marquess Gabi Wasn’t Keen

Marquesa Maria Gabriella Diana entered the house but from the moment she got acquainted with the group she didn’t seem impressed.

Baroness Jess said: “Gabriella seems a bit reserved as if she’s not fully happy to be here with us.”
Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

On their first evening at the house the group were getting to know one another outside and the conversation quickly headed south.

One minute show host Archie was speaking to Lady Camilla about horseriding, the next minute the whole group were giggling about the term ‘bareback’, it all proved too much for Marquess Gabi as she physically got up and left the table.

She said:

I think everyone is very different from me in a way.

Gabi felt so strongly about some of the comments and jokes that were made that she chose to leave the house after just 24 hours!

Enter Count Dima

So six housemates quickly became five, but that wasn’t for long as Count Misha Ziadie Campbell’s brother, Count Dima Ziadie Campbell, arrived.

Baroness Jess said: “When Dima arrived to the house I literally wanted to punch him in the face, he was so arrogant and that does not sit well with me.”

The Royal World episode 1
Screen Shot: Count Dima Ziadie Campbell The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

A Royal Dinner Party

The pair continued to clash when at dinner, the conversation turned to etiquette.

Host Archie asked the royals’s opinions on splitting the bill. Dima said that he’s happy to split a bill: “Women wanted rights, we’re sharing and caring now aren’t we?”
Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

That comment could likely be the reason why Baroness Jess ended up calling Dima a “douchebag”.
Screen Shot: The Royal World episode 1 – MTV

Niyi and Zara Cosy Up

There looks to be a royal romance on the cards in this new MTV ‘royality’ series.

Niyi admitted that he thought Zara was “fit” when they first met and they actually had some alone time to get to know each other a bit better in episode 1.

They are actually just chilling on outdoor beanbags – not lighting a bunsen burner as Zara’s specs suggest.
Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

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