Netflix has removed an episode from MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge which stars Tonya Cooley and co-stars Veronica, Rachel and Tina, TMZ has reported.

Netflix’s portfolio of original movies and TV shows grows every year, with the likes of great reality shows and films with A-list actors.

The streaming service regularly drops whole seasons of popular MTV shows. For instance, Netflix has recently added a few more seasons of The Challenge, including Inferno II.

Some fans have questioned a missing episode from this season which includes Tonya Cooley.

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Fans question missing episode from The Challenge on Netflix

Over the last few years, Netflix has added a number of seasons of The Challenge, a long-running reality competition on MTV.

The streaming service uploaded Inferno II, however, fans have noticed that an episode called ‘To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip From The Inferno 2’ from this series has been cut out. The episode includes a troubling scene with Tonya and co-stars Veronica, Rachel and Tina, TMZ has reported.

Netflix or MTV haven’t addressed why the episode has been removed.

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Who is Tonya Cooley?

Tonya Cooley is a former MTV cast member who first appeared in the reality series The Real World: Chicago back in 2002.

She then appeared on the sixth season of the reality competition spin-off The ChallengeBattle of the Sexes, and returned in The Gauntlet in 2003 and Battle of the Sexes 2 in 2004.

Tonya won Inferno III and her last stint was in The Ruins which originally premiered in September 2009. She appeared in eight seasons of The Challenge in total.

In 2011, Tonya filed a lawsuit against Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP), MTV and fellow co-stars Kenny Santucci and Evan Starkman alleging that she was sexually assaulted by Kenny and Evan.

The lawsuit was settled in an out-of-court settlement but details of the deal have never been made public.

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Where is Tonya Cooley now?

Tonya enjoys life away from the limelight and she hasn’t starred in other reality series since her stint on The Challenge.

In a 2016 interview with BuzzFeed News, she revealed that she runs a hair salon, explaining:

“If [people] could see where I am versus five years ago, I think they would be shocked. I am a genuinely happy person now. I still have a bit of the wild and crazy Tonya in me, but I’ve learned to balance her out. It would have been nice to have people see that I actually made it.”

We couldn’t find a public Instagram profile that belongs to Tonya. It’s very likely that she doesn’t have one since she has kept a lowkey profile in the last few years.


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