Trina from Catfish hasn't posted on IG since 2013 but she remained friends with Lee

Trina from Catfish hasn't posted on IG since 2013 but she remained friends with Lee

As Catfish has been airing for ten years on MTV, many fans wonder what happened to former cast members on the show.

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph spent years tracking down people from their online profile and solved many catfish mysteries in their time. One person who fans want to know more about in 2022 is Trina.

Max Joseph no longer appears on Catfish, while Nev went on to present the show with Kamie Crawford. Let’s cast our minds back to season 1 episode 2…

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Who is Trina from Catfish?

Appearing on Catfish season 1 with Nev and Max, Trina wanted to find out whether her online romance was real.

She was 24 at the time and had fallen in love with a man named ‘Scorpio’ online. The man’s real name was Lee and the two spoke for more than a year on MySpace without meeting.

Trina’s real name is Shawnise and she worked as an exotic dancer in Maryland.

Scorpio’s photos belonged to someone else

After falling in love with Scorpio, Trina’s world was turned upside down when she, Nev and Max went to his house. It turned out Scorpio was actually named Lee and he didn’t look like his online profile photos at all. Lee had used Atlanta model Larry Drummer’s photographs on his profile.

Explaining himself on Catfish, Lee said not everything was a lie: “I know the profile wasn’t me but I’m still the same person.”

He confirmed he didn’t have “six-pack abs” and was 32 years old instead of 27 as he’d claimed online. Lee also admitted he had four children, instead of two.

What happened to Trina after Catfish?

Although Trina felt as though she’d been “misled” by Lee, she still thought he cared for her. Nev agreed it seemed Lee cared for her on the show.

Per, Trina and Lee had a “happier ending” than many who appear on Catfish. The publication wrote: “Trina and Lee have remained friends and speak every now and then – not every day like they once did, though.”

Judging by Trina’s social media profiles in 2022, she no longer uses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She last took to Twitter in November 2016 and Instagram in May 2013 (@trinathenatural).

Trina was most recently posting on Facebook in 2018, where she has 7K likes.


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