Wes Bergmann is passionate about business and runs his own company called BetaBlox.

Many MTV viewers will know Wes Bergmann from The Challenge.

He’s a long-time contestant of the series. Wes’ first appearance on an MTV show dating back to 2005.

Just three years after appearing on The Real World: Austin, Wes decided that he wanted to launch his own business.

As someone “obsessed with entrepreneurship,” it seems that BetaBlox was really a no-brainer for the reality star.

Wes Bergmann and Frank Sweeney attend MTV's "The Challenge: Rivals II" Final Episode And Reunion Party
Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Meet Wes from The Challenge

Wes Bergmann is one of the contestants taking part in The Challenge: World Championship in 2023.

He’s 38 years old and hails from Kansas.

Wes has almost 400k followers on Instagram (@westonbergmann) and writes in his bio that he’s an “internationally renowned genius.”

He has appeared on many different The Challenge series in his life including Fresh Meat, Rivals, Champs vs Pros, Champs vs Stars 2, and War of the Worlds.

Wes was crowned the winner of The Duel, Rivals II, and All Stars 3.

Wes Bergmann’s business

When Wes isn’t taking part in various series of The Challenge, he’s running his own business, BetaBlox.

The Challenge star’s LinkedIn page shows that he launched the company in 2008.

He writes of his business: “In short, we make entrepreneurs better, faster – guaranteed.”

Wes also tweeted about one of his company’s ventures – his very own docu-series and entrepreneurship competition.

He breaks down the different parts of his business:

The Blox is a competition docu-series about our process.

BuildingBlox – services department.

AlphaBlox – an online course for startups.

BetaBlox “is our for-equity, virtual, startup accelerator.”

BloxShop – “a line of nootropics engineered to keep an entrepreneur’s brain firing on all cylinders.”

Wes is ‘obsessed with entrepreneurship’

As well as being a successful reality TV star, Wes Bergmann has been running his business since 2008.

He writes on LinkedIn that he even “loves the hard parts” of having his own company and that he’s always been “obsessed with entrepreneurship.”

Speaking of his success, he says that he has helped launch hundreds of start-ups via his company.


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