Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is back, which gives viewers an insight into how Madisen is juggling mum life while working a job.

During the preview for MTV’s upcoming season, we see Madisen speaking to Christian about how he often plays games while she goes to work.

It comes as the new season hits our screens, with cameras capturing new moms Kayla J. and Madisen, alongside Kayla S, Brianna, Rachel and Kiaya.

Moms and dads out there will know that parenthood keeps you pretty busy, which is why Reality Titbit has delved into Madisen’s working life.

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Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant | Season 3 Trailer

Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant | Season 3 Trailer

What does Madisen Beith do for a living?

  • Madisen works for a pizza and Italian cuisine restaurant.

She is currently a staff member at Pizza Pie Zazz in Heber Springs.

Madisen may have joined Teen Mom: 16 & Pregnant for several episodes, but she first appeared on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.

Now replacing Ashley Jones, Madisen was forced to attend a school for “bad kids” after they found out about her pregnancy.

Having given birth in March 2020, she later left and is trying to get her GED, a general equivalency diploma, as well as working in a restaurant.

A GED is a document given to someone who did not complete high school but has passed an examination on those school subjects.

But most of the time, Madisen is busy looking after her little one Camille!

Teen Mom: Madisen Beith’s net worth

Madisen’s net worth in 2021 is reportedly around $1 million.

She is thought to get most of her yearly income from appearing on 16 & Pregnant, and now Young & Pregnant.

Each star roughly gets paid around $500 per episode, meaning that just three episode appearances would earn Madisen $1,500.

She is now working a lot to save extra money to leave her town.

Madisen reveals on the upcoming third season that she needs to work to save some extra money, if she ever wants to leave her small town.

She went separate ways from her baby daddy Christian, as he did not get a job and failed to give her support she wanted.

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Madison’s baby daddy Christian: Updates

Since their split, a preview clip shows that Madison and Christian have continued to be apart, despite a previous on-off relationship.

She had previously helped him with a job hunt in order for them to be more financially secure, but Christian believed in doing things at his own pace.

So far, it does not look like Camille’s father has gotten a job, with Madisen saying she cannot rely on Christian to help with expenses.

He often makes visits to see Camille on a co-parenting basis, but she has made it clear that she “does not ever want to get back together with him”.

Christian told Madisen that he still fully wants to be with her, but she feels like she’s out working while he sits and plays games.



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