What happened to Gus’ face on Floribama Shore? Fans question his ‘scar’!

What happened to Gus' face on Floribama Shore? Fans question his 'scar'!

Gus Smyrnios appeared to have a scar on his face on Floribama Shore’s recent episode. So, what happened to him?

The MTV show follows eight adults living at Panama City Beach, on the Gulf Coast, created by the team behind the Jersey Shore franchise.

Gus is one of the cast members who joins in with the drama, parties and happenings of the shore – but recently appeared to have a scar on his face.

So, what happened to Gus’ face on Floribama Shore?

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Who is Gus Smyrnios?

Gus Caleb Smyrnios is an MTV reality star who appears on Floribama Shore.

The 25-year-old, who originally hails from Tallahassee, Florida, has also been on War Of The Worlds on MTV’s The Challenge before.

He’s now a working model, and was kicked out of home at the age of 17.

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Fans react to Gus’ face ‘scar’

Despite the shock revelation that Nilsa is pregnant, viewers couldn’t stop wondering how Gus got the scar on his face.

Looking on Twitter, there were a few theories, including that he may have been hurt on The Challenge, or that he might have got into a fight.

What happened to Gus’ face?

  • It is thought that he got “jumped” at a bar in Florida

Although this has not been officially confirmed, one person addressed it.

A fan commented on his Instagram post and said: “He got jumped at a bar in Florida by a group of guys, he said it in one of his interviews.”

Back in 2019, Gus revealed that he had to get stitches in his lip from taking part in The Challenge, so it could possibly be linked to the same injury.



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