The Teen Mom Family Reunion ‘reunion’ episodes aired last night (21 February), and viewers saw Jade receiving medical attention, but what exactly happened to the Teen Mom star and why did she faint?

This series of MTV’s Teen Mom Family Reunion has provided us with all the drama with stars including Jade, Briana, and Ashley, and of course, the drama continued into the reunion episodes.

Jade was seen receiving medical attention but what happened? We take a look at what she said.

What happened to Jade on Teen Mom Family reunion?

Jade Cline passed out at the Teen Mom Family reunion and has taken to her Twitter page to explain that it was due to anxiety. “Passing out and disassociating comes with severe anxiety,” she tweeted.

She then went on to explain that they were under the lights all day, and they had been filming for ‘forever.’

This comes after some fans on Twitter were claiming the MTV star ‘fake fainted’, which Jade has explained was not the case.

Teen Mom fans take to social media to support Jade after fainting

Although some viewers weren’t as kind, others have taken to social media to express their concerns and offer words of support to the Teen Mom star.

One tweeted: “Yes I have severe anxiety, I’m sorry that happened to you”, to which Jade replied: “Ugh it’s the worst. Seriously terrifying & embarrassing. Not feeling in control is the worst thing for me.”

Others took to her latest Instagram post asking if the MTV star was okay after the incident.

Jade and Sean are planning their wedding

Amid all the Teen Mom Family Reunion drama, Jade and her boyfriend Sean Austin are planning their wedding for the end of this year.

After the airing of the show, Jade took to Twitter to write: “My food tasting for my wedding is tomorrow.”

Jade and Sean are parents to daughter Kloie. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship in the past, the couple announced their engagement via TikTok in September.

In the caption of the video, Jade wrote: “Our happily ever after has just begun. So glad we can finally share this! I’ll be Mrs. Austin in October 2023. We worked for this and I’m so proud of where we are. Love always prevails.”


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