Leroy Garrett, known as Roylee on MTV’s The Challenge, has spoken out about why he retired from the show after his 2017 appearance.

Four years on from Leroy’s stint on the competition’s Dirty 30 season, he has explained what happened between him and co-star Camila Nakagawa.

Today (November 18th, 2021), MTV has responded to his account of what happened on social media, apologising that they “didn’t do enough”.

We can reveal what happened to Leroy on the MTV show, and how The Challenge producers have responded to the events.

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

What happened to Leroy Garrett?

During the 2017 season, Camila Nakagawa, 33, got in Garrett’s face during a drunken outburst. She called him a “Black motherf**king p**sy”.

She later said: “It’s all about Black mother**kers like that piece of s**t!”

Leroy didn’t respond, but brought their argument up again while host TJ Lavin was in the room, asking if she had anything to say.

Camila apologised to him, saying she knew her sorry wasn’t enough.

He recently watched the scene back on an Instagram video, revealing he thought she would be sent home, but was left in shock.

This is when TJ started talking about the next game instead, which contributed to Leroy’s reason for retiring from The Challenge.

Leroy opens up about The Challenge

Leroy recently shared an Instagram video which claims he felt guilty for not taking a stand, when Camila had the outburst towards him.

He said that he “no longer lives in regret or fear” and that speaking out has been the first step in his healing process.

During the video, The MTV star said:

The producers didn’t tell TJ to say something. I have to say something. I was the victim last night and I have to bring up why something happened to me and basically force someone to apologize — someone who wasn’t going to do it on their own. Mind-blowing to me.

Camila was not allowed to stay on Dirty 30, but won the season’s $450,000 prize. Leroy said they “rewarded her for being racist and being violent”.

He went on to add that she was invited to do Champs vs Stars, which she was disqualified from after being disrespectful to the crew.

MTV respond to Leroy on Twitter

When Leroy spoke out about the incident, MTV posted a public statement of apology about how they “didn’t do enough”.

Stating that they sought to support cast and address the incident on air, the production channel said they have learned from this experience.

MTV also said they are continuing to “double down on education programs for all cast and crew to ensure a safe, respectful and inclusive set”.

They added that they aim for a filming environment that is “free of discrimination and harassment in any form”.

Several fans responded by demanding the show be cancelled, while The Challenge star Simone Kelly said she is yet to receive an apology.

Simone and Shane Raines were booted off after a racially-charged argument turned physical. Rumor has it they were arguing about whether MTV has enough people of color on its shows.



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