Throughout the years of MTV’s The Challenge, many stars have been left bumped and bruised but Olivia Kaiser’s nose injury on series 38 may have arguably been the worst yet, but what exactly happened?

Olivia, who rose to fame in Love Island USA series 3 took part in a totally different reality show on The Challenge, where she was partnered up with Horacio Gutiérrez Jr.

We take a closer look into Olivia’s “traumatizing” nose injury which left viewers ‘in tears.’

What happened to Olivia’s nose on The Challenge?

Olivia had already been having a tough challenge in the final, where she sliced open her finger and was then later hit in the nose with a golf ball with a high-velocity slingshot. Olivia’s hand slipped and the ball ricocheted, straight to her face.

Although Olivia was determined not to quit, due to the injuries she was unable to carry on.

Speaking on the accident to Variety, Olivia said: “If it had hit me in the eye, I would have either lost my eye or died, because the golf ball probably would have went right back behind my eyeball.”

As per the publication, the ex-Love Island star remained in the hospital for two nights after the incident which left her with two black eyes and a broken nose.

She continued: “I was contemplating my entire life. I was like, ‘Did I just get permanently damaged for the rest of my life because of a TV show?’

Olivia remains light-hearted after her nose injury

Olivia remains light-hearted about the situation and even shows off her injuries on her Instagram profile picture.

She’s taken to her social media stories to share the aesthetics company that helped her on Instagram. The clinic shared a picture of her nose with the caption: “Morepheus8 and Co2 resurfacing for scar removal.” Olivia captioned the post: “Lifesavers.”

Fortunately, the star is now looking as good as new as she recorded a video on her stories last night saying: “I may be looking a bit different to the last couple of slides you’ve seen.”

As well as sharing fans’ well wishes on her page, she’s also taken to her Instagram stories to share memes on the incident, so it’s nice to see she can laugh about it now!

Viewers are calling for Olivia and Horacio to return

The Challenge fans have taken to Twitter to show their support for Olivia. Many of them are calling for her and her partner Horacio to return next season.

One fan tweeted: “My heart hurts watching Olivia and Horacio. Olivia was not giving up, straight badass. Same with Horacio. They could have won it all! They are so deserving to come back on the next Challenge.”



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