What is Ish Soto's net worth?Siesta Key star's career explored!

Ish Soto has been appearing on Siesta Key as Madisson’s beau and husband-to-be, and fans are wondering exactly how much he is worth.

As season four of the MTV reality series gets well underway, we have began seeing more of Madisson Hausberg and Ish’s relationship.

Now that they are getting more serious, fans are wondering what Ish’s net worth is. During the recent episode, he said he didn’t want a prenup.

So, who is Ish Soto? How much does he earn from his successful career? Let’s find out what his net worth is in 2021…

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Viewers react to Madisson and Ish’s ‘prenup’

Fans started wondering what Ish Soto’s net worth is, after he disagreed with her about getting a prenup.

Several fans have been shocked about his unwillingness to get one ahead of his and Madisson’s upcoming wedding.

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Madisson has been thinking of getting a prenup to protect any money that her father has given her to help financially.

One fan wrote: “Madisson get the damn pre-nup, it has nothing to do with the house or the wedding, it’s to protect whatever your father puts away for you financially.

“Ish shouldn’t have a problem with that if so. You should not have to share your personal [money].

Another said: “Ish doesn’t want Madisson’s dad to help financially. Just let him help a little bit.”

What does Ish Soto do for a living?

  • Ish is a TV producer

The 47-year-old was a co-executive producer on Siesta Key from 2017 to 2018, which some of cast members initially found uncomfortable.

He is also an assistant director who has worked in the industry since 2003.

Some of the cast, such as Maddison’s ex Brandon Gomes, expressed they find the relationship between the young reality star and her former producer rather unconventional.

His first credit on a series, according to his IMDb profile, is as a segment producer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Other shows Ish has worked on over the years include Big Brother: USAKitchen Nightmares, and Scream Queens.

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What is Ish Soto’s net worth?

  • $2.5 million

Ish’s experience – and various ventures – in the producing industry has allowed him to accumulate a net worth of millions.

Ish is currently paying the whole mortgage for his and Madisson’s home.

Although he stepped down from his role as producer on the show when his relationship with Madisson went public, Ish still has a significant net worth.

Madisson, who has a net worth of $600,000, has also said she’s thinking of starting her own business.



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