What is the security breach on The Challenge? MTV show ends on a cliffhanger!

The latest episode of The Challenge: Double Agents has ended on a huge cliffhanger but what exactly does a security breach mean?

Episode 11 (Wednesday, February 24th) of The Challenge: Double Agents finished with an unexpected twist, leaving many viewers at home confused at what’s to come next week.

Just when Gabby and Devin were revealed to be the compromised agents, host TJ Lavin dropped the bombshell that there has been a security breach. But what or who is that?

Note that this article contains spoilers for episode 11 of The Challenge: Double Agents.

Screenshot – The Challenge: Double Agents, YouTube

The Challenge: Double Agents – Episode 11 recap

Wednesday’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents was mainly dominated by the success of Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello and Tula ‘Big T’ Fazakerley who came out as champions during the challenge.

Another surprising moment in the episode was when Lolo Jones decided to quit the show, saying that she’s “tried everything”.

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But that wasn’t even the biggest moment as when Devin and Gabby were sent to the crater, the show ended on a double huge cliffhanger.

First, it’s yet to be revealed who will face Devin and Gabby in the elimination, and then TJ said that there has been a security breach.

Viewers were shocked by that twist, leaving them to wait a whole week until they find what actually happened.

Screenshot – The Challenge: Double Agents, YouTube

What is the security breach on The Challenge?

Many viewers believe that a security breach might mean bringing back another contestant from The Challenge.

Since Lolo quit the series, a lot of people think that there will be someone who will replace her. But if that’s true, it’s unknown if this will be an MTV star from the current or previous series.

“Security breach,” one fan tweeted. “So pretty much, Lolo decides to leave the challenge house and they end up replacing her. Probably with Amber M.”

Another viewer speculated: “Lolo left and now they have 2 guys that need a partner. So either they bring a girl back or have like a 3 or 4 way guys elimination. Only options I can see.”

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Fans react to cliffhanger

It’s safe to say that the double cliffhanger has left many viewers annoyed as they have to wait until next week to find what or who is the security breach.

One person reacted: “Whatttt! This episode was actually really entertaining. Had so many good moments. From ppl messing up the daily challenge to Lolo to this security breach. Next week HURRY UP!”

Another one said: “Wonder what the Security Breach twist gonna be on The Challenge next episode.”



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