When was Double Shot at Love season 2 filmed? Fans confused about Las Vegas dates

DJ Pauly D and Vinny are back on MTV with a new season of Double Shot at Love. 

The dating series sees the Jersey Shore stars head to Las Vegas, with six of the season 1 stars plus 3 new boys. Each of the female cast members from season 1 is still hoping for their second ‘Shot at Love’ with either Pauly or Vinny, but the new boys definitely complicate matters.

As Double Shot at Love season 2 was released just after lockdown (basically) ended, many viewers wanted to know when they filmed the series. We’ve done some digging into when MTV filmed the second season.

Screenshot: Double Shot at Love S2 E7 – MTV

Double Shot at Love returns for season 2

Back for a second season is, of course, Pauly and Vinny. But joining them are some familiar faces from season 1: Brittani “B-Lashes” Schwartz, Derynn Paige, Maria Elizondo, Marissa Lucchese, Susan “Suzi” Baidya, and Nikki Hall.

In Double Shot at Love season 2, the whole cast are living together as roommates, which certainly drags up drama. They are living together with Pauly and Vinny in a Las Vegas suite and working at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub.

Many fans have noted that it’s likely that they filmed Double Shot at Love season 2 at the same time they filmed Revenge Prank and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation as Pauly and Vinny kept disappearing. One viewer tweeted: “With the way Vinny and Paula keep disappearing it’s so obvious they filmed the same time as Family Vacation since they were both in Vegas”

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When was Double Shot at Love season 2 filmed?

  • September – October 2019

Double Shot at Love season 2 was filmed last year, with some fans reporting that it was filmed in September and October.

One viewer tweeted: “It was filmed several months back. I think it could’ve been since last year. In fact I’m almost certain.” Other viewers on Twitter have noted that they were in Las Vegas at the time of filming, which took place last year.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is referenced to have just been released from jail when they were filming. Mike was released in September 2019.



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