Where is 16 and Recovering filmed? Real high school location explored

In light of National Recovery Month, MTV have launched 16 and Recovering, a docuseries following a bunch of teens on their addiction journey.

The four-part series launched on Tuesday, September 1st and introduced viewers to the students at a special recovery high school. Throughout the series, we will focus on nine of these students’ stories and how they ended up at the recovery high school.

One thing viewers want to know about the show is if the school is actually real. So, where is 16 and Recovering filmed? Find out about the high school location and more here.

Screenshot: ’16 & Recovering’ Premiere Extended Sneak Peek | MTV Impact YouTube

Where is 16 and Recovering filmed?

  • Northshore Recovery High School

16 and Recovering is filmed at Northshore Recovery High School which is based in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The school was founded in 2006 by Michelle Lipinski, who is still the principal fourteen years later. Michelle announced her reasoning for opening Recovery High in episode 1: “We’re gonna lose this generation… because we treat them like they’re bad when they’re sick, and I’m done with that.”

Northshore Recovery High School

Michelle felt a need to address the problem of youth drug and alcohol addiction, and felt the best way to do so was creating a safe environment for these teenagers to recover and grow.


This idea that they shouldn’t treat the students as criminals did not initially go down well when Michelle was trying to launch Recovery High. In an interview with The Wrap, Michelle explained that she needed the support of Northshore Education Consortium and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health & DESE to get it off the ground.

Since Northshore Recovery High School launched they have helped hundreds of students. They currently have around 50 studying there.

  • UPDATE: We found Sam from 16 and Recovering on Instagram

How to attend Northshore Recovery High School

All the admission requirements are laid out on the Northshore Recovery High School website. It requires that you are aged between 14 and 21 years old.

Students of Recovery High can be referred by school districts, families, treatment providers, youth-serving state agencies and juvenile justice. You will need to fill out an application and go on a tour before attending.

If you are struggling with any of the issues addressed in 16 and Recovering, visit their website for more information and to seek help.





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