Where is Darius now, after he Catfished India and Myldred?

Where is Darius now, after he Catfished India and Myldred?

‘KJ’ turned out to be a completely false name on Catfish: The TV Show, which came back on MTV screens on January 5th. We found out where he is now, as well as his background and catfishing story.

During the premiere 2022 episode, Myldred and India had both been speaking to someone called ‘KJ’, which left hosts Kamie and Nev beginning to think they were actually chatting to a child.

Usually, Catfish: The TV Show helps those confused about whether they are speaking to a genuine person or not, before an eventual agreed meet-up uncovers who that person really is.

Reality Titbit has the latest update on Darius’ since filming… Where is he now?

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Who is Darius on Catfish?

Darius has been acting as a Catfish, and is actually called KJ. He has been speaking to India and Myldred for years, and had spoke to Myldred as her “first love” after she got out of a relationship.

He slid into Myldred’s DMs, before she ended up later finding out that “wasn’t him”. They then started dating when she was 16 years old (now 23). Darius also said he was 16 and from North Carolina.

The Catfish would only show his back and head on camera, and would claim they couldn’t meet due to certain problems, including what she said was “mommy issues” and his car breaking down.

Myldred also found another account using the same pictures which Darius was using. He also told Myldred that he was a scammer, which is why the cops had been following him, and thought her parents would not approve of his tattoos.

‘KJ’ told her that he had a child with a woman named India, who messaged Myldred a couple of weeks later. The truth is that they do not actually have a baby together, and that they had also both been speaking online.

Where is ‘Darius’ after filming?

He showed his real face at the end of the Catfish episode, which had many viewers shook. ‘KJ’ appeared to be nervous, as he was biting his lip, rolling his eyes and blinking often.

The Catfish is actually 30 years old, despite initially posing as someone who was in his teenage years.

He had also used pictures of rapper Jose Guapo. A final update showed Darius claiming to have stopped catfishing.

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Updates on India and Myldred

India is now continuing with her job on Only Fans, where she is a three percent creator. Both Myldred and India have remained friends since they discovered they were both being played.

The two have reached out to Darius after to make sure he’s okay, while India revealed she and Darius are still friends.

Myldred continues to be the CEO of her own company, which she spoke about during her episode.

A viewer wrote on an MTV Catfish Instagram preview clip:If you’re getting catfished in 2021-2022, you want to! Cause ain’t no way y’all been in a 7 year relationship with someone you’ve never seen before. Girl please.”

Myldred responded with: “Girl 🤣 mind the business that you know nothing about!!!!”

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