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Garrett Miller reveals leaving Siesta Key 'wasn't his decision'

Siesta Key has been entertaining fans with its new season this march and we have loved seeing all of the OG cast members again. The first few seasons of the hit reality TV show were jam-packed with drama, often surrounding cast member, Garrett Miller, a fan favourite.

However, fans have noticed that aside from his brief appearance during the first episode of Season 4, he has hardly been featured on the show at all and it has caused audiences to speculate why he isn’t appearing as much and if he is even on the show anymore?

Reality Titbit did some digging and have all the answers you’re after, including what he is up to now, so keep reading to find out.

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Lucy and Desi | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

Lucy and Desi | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video
Garrett Miller. Picture: Cara & Garrett’s Awkward Reunion 😬 Siesta Key

Is Garrett still on Siesta Key?

Fans have noticed Garrett’s absence on the show for a while now and on May 27 we finally got our answer. Garrett announced via an in-depth post on Instagram that he will no longer be on Siesta Key. To many fans’ surprise, he mentioned that it “wasn’t his decision” or “something he was expecting.” Part of the post read:

I officially will no longer be on SIESTA KEY. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my decision & something I wasn’t expecting (well maybe a lil). Ever since I started the show I always told myself I’d stay true to myself & would never become somebody I’m not which I can proudly say I did. As you all know this show has been apart of my life for the last 6 years full of ups & downs but only up’s since I met the love of my life.

Garrett, Instagram

He went on to subliminally dig at MTV for their decision but he also wanted to thank them for providing him with the opportunity for the past six years, the post continued:

As much as I’d like to be upset at MTV for not seeing the vision of us I’m not gonna do that but rather say thank you for the opportunity. I never in my life would’ve thought at 20 years old transitioning out of sports that I’d be put on a tv show for majority of my 20’s. 

Garrett, Instagram

Fans think they know why he isn’t on the show as much

Fans can now confidently assume that his and Makenna’s relationship is the main reason MTV didn’t want him to continue on the show.

He is now incredibly loved up with his recent fiance, Makenna. The couple appears to have an extremely close bond from what we can see of the countless pictures on Instagram. Garrett frequently shares pictures of the couple with adorable captions expressing his love and adoration for his woman.

Fans think this is one of the main reasons why he has left, as it appears he has grown up and his priorities have changed direction towards his soon to be wife.

One fan also mentioned that because their relationship is so strong there also wouldn’t be enough of a storyline or drama for Garrett to be featured as one of the main cast members on the new season.

He even gave a sweet shoutout to his fans on his Instagram departure post, saying:

To the fans.. wow where do I start. You guys have been nothing but supportive to me & have always showed me love. I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for you guys. Thank you for being along the journey the entire way.

Garrett, Instagram
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Garrett and Mackenna are getting married

Garrett and Kenna’s bond seems pretty unbreakable and he proved that when he popped the question to his girlfriend in November. He posted a trilogy of pictures to his Instagram on 25 November 2021 with an adorable caption saying:

I promised you that I’d be with you & only you till the day I ask you to marry me. Well, today is that day where I asked you to be my forever never. Words can’t describe this feeling or emotions I’m feeling right now but I can’t stop smiling. The thing is I knew since the night I met you when I kept telling you this is destiny, I didn’t doubt in my mind that it wasn’t.

Garrett, Instagram

He continued to mention all of the adorable and tear-jerking memories they have made together and signed it off by saying how much he can’t wait to make her his wife.



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