Laguna Beach seasons 1 and 2 are finally on Netflix and fans are wondering what cast member Talan Torriero is upto in 2022.

The MTV show rocked the world of fans in the early 2000s. Laguna Beach debuted on television in 2004 and had an ultra-successful three seasons. It also inspired the MTV spin-off The Hills which starred many of the original cast members from its predecessor.

Laguna Beach had a strong fan following and starred the likes of Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Coletti, Morgan Olsen, Heidi Montag, and more. Talan was also among the original cast.

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Talan was the ladies man of Laguna Beach

Fans of the 2000s show might remember that Talan used to be the ladies’ man of Laguna Beach. His romantic exploits gained a lot of spotlight on the MTV series.

He had a brief romance with Kristin Cavallari. E Online report that Talan also famously also dated Kimberly Stewart and Nicole Scherzinger.

Following the show, he tried his luck in Hollywood appearing in titles like 2006’s Driftwood and the 2010 film The Killing Jar. However, he soon moved away from both his Hollywood career and his casanova image.

Where is Talan Torriero now?

Talan left show business for a more stable job.

As per his IMDb, his last acting role was in 2011’s Action News 5.

In a TikTok from August 2022, the former reality star told his followers that he “did the Hollywood thing for a couple years,” before deciding “it was time to get a big boy job.”

He revealed in his TikTok that he is a performance marketer now. He also noted that he makes TikTok and Instagram ads for some of the biggest brands in the world like Smile Direct Club, Curology, HIMS, NordicTrack, and more.

The Laguna Beach star is also a married man and a father now.

He is married to his wife Danielle Torriero.

E Online further reports that Talan met his wife at an L.A. bar in 2009. The pair share two kids now and live in Nebraska.

Laguna Beach’s release on Netflix has fans nostalgic

Laguna Beach’s release on Netflix had many fans of the 2000’s show nostalgic.

“watching Laguna Beach on Netflix has me remembering all of the good music I used to listen to as a teen,” said a fan.

“The best thing @netflix ever did was put Laguna Beach on their platform. Bring me back to 05 where I straight ironed my hair wet and wore velour tracksuits,” a second person wrote.

Watch Laguna Beach seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix now


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