In 2016 it was revealed Valerie Fairman from 16 and Pregnant has died due to a drug overdose. Here’s a look at her life and what happened.

Valerie’s mother blasted MTV and accused the network of her daughter’s death. She claimed Valerie would have been alive had she had not appeared on the reality show. “She thought she could pretty much do whatever she liked after the show. She was determined to get everything she wanted,” she recalled.

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Valerie Fairman’s death:

Valerie had always struggled with drug usage. She had been in rehab on multiple occasions. In 2016, Valerie was found unresponsive at her friend’s house, as reported by Radar Online. The police revealed that the cause of her death was “multiple drug toxicity” while adding that the incident was accidental.

Janice Fairman had full custody of Valerie’s daughter Naveah. It was revealed Valerie used to meet her daughter once or twice a month. In an interview, Janice revealed Naveah has memories of Valerie alive in the form of a necklace. She has a necklace with some of her ashes,” she revealed while adding they often talk about Valerie to ensure Naveah knows about her mother.

Meanwhile, Matt Pryce, Valerie’s baby daddy, is still involved in Naveah’s life.

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Janice on Valerie’s death:

Janice confessed in an interview that she had tried stopping Valerie from continuing the show. “‘I wish she had never been on TV,” she said. It played a big part in her death. I think it messed her up big time. When we tried to put our foot down, that’s when she left home. I don’t think there is anything more we could have done to help her.”

Valerie was Janice’s adopted daughter. The reality star stayed with her parents until 18. She then decided to move out and live her own life.

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