MTV’s The Challenge sees reality TV stars get put to the ultimate test in a series of difficult, well, challenges. But why did Lio Rush quit?

Lio Rush was a contestant on the current Double Agents show being aired, namely the 36th season to ever hit our MTV screens.

So now that he is no longer on the show, fans have been left confused about exactly why he decided to make his exit during episode 6.

So why did Lio Rush quit The Challenge? We reveal why he left…

Screenshot: Lio Explains His Reason For Calling It Quits | The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, MTV’s The Challenge YouTube

Who is Lio Rush?

Lio, whose real name is Lionel Gerard Green, is a professional wrestler.

The 26-year-old goes by the ring name Lio Rush, and isn’t just skilled in the ring – he’s also a musician signed to Major League Wrestling.

He is MLW’s World Middleweight Champion in his first reign, as well as a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion in WWE.

Why did Lio Rush quit The Challenge?

Lio revealed in an Double Agents episode 6 aftermath video that he likes a lot of the people in The Challenge house.

He added that he wanted to continue the relationships he had made outside of the game, before speaking about his wife being pregnant.

We just moved to L.A, she’s pregnant, with two dogs and two other boys back at home, so I was just thinking about my wife the whole time, wishing she didn’t get sick, and if she did get sick, I’m all across the world. I let the game get to me.

Host Devyn responded to him: “It takes unbelievable strength for someone to know their limitations, know their strengths and know where they’re at.”

She touched on how strong it was for Lio to put his mental health first.

Who is Lio Rush’s wife?

Lio and Sarah, who have a baby on the way, have been married since 2018.

Sarah’s Instagram bio states that “home is where @thelionelgreen is”, while Lio’s proudly states that he is a “husband to @sarahlaiwah”.

The married couple have two young sons together.



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