Families of the Mafia: Who is Xavier Williams? Inside Karen Gravano's relationship

Karen Gravano shared her story on season two of MTV’s Families of the Mafia, which involved opening up about her boyfriend Xavier.

The reality star’s father, Sammy “the bull” Gravano, was underboss of the Gambino crime family during her childhood.

Since then, Karen has returned to New York, and is now working hard to help her boyfriend appeal the life sentence he is serving.

Here at Reality Titbit, we explored her relationship with Xavier Williams, and found out what life sentence he is serving in prison.

Screenshot: Xavier Williams and Karen Gravano, Families of the Mafia, Season 2 Episode 1, MTV

Who is Xavier Williams?

Xavier is Karen Gravano’s boyfriend, who is serving a life sentence.

He regularly receives visits from the Family of the Mafia star, as well as keeping in contact through emails and phone calls.

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Karen is now trying to appeal his life sentence in prison, following him being incarcerated for the last 20 years.

For the past year, Xavier and Karen have been building a relationship with each other, she revealed on the Families of the Mafia series.

Xavier Williams and Karen Gravano

The couple first met in the ’90s, when they then became friends.

However, when the laws began to change, she began to think about Xavier while helping her father with things he was going through, during his case.

Xavier and Karen were always in contact, and she decided to tell him that the laws changing could help him.

They have since been dating for the last five years.

She told In Touch Weekly: “Our love for each other has grown stronger and stronger and stronger. He’s definitely someone I want in my life forever.”

Karen continued:

We don’t focus on the relationship as much as we focus on his freedom. Like, that’s my boyfriend we definitely want to be together, but the reality is up front and center is his fight for his life. And I will always remain in his corner through thick and thin, whether if we’re in a relationship or we’re not in a relationship.

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Karen Gravano’s boyfriend: Life sentence

  • Xavier Williams is serving a life sentence for being caught with 50 grams of crack cocaine

He told Karen that they would do it [appeal] if she thinks there is something they could do, she revealed on the show.

She is now on a road to help him get his life back, which is “time-consuming”, while Xavier is spending time studying the law.

With a lot of documents linked to the case, Karen said he is fighting for his life to come home, and are focusing on the First Step Act law.

On December 21, 2018, the First Step Act was signed into law, which reforms sentencing laws for drug offenders.

Karen said:

If Xavier actually falls into the category of being able to file for this motion, to be able to come out of prison, we’ve been working with different attorneys, and I’ve finally found someone who I believe has his best interests at heart.



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