100 Humans: Who is Human #12? We found the Jersey trainer from Netflix on Instagram!

If you’re looking for a show to keep you entertained this quarantine season, then look no further, as Netflix has just the show for you.

100 Humans combines all the best elements of a good watch: it’s informative, entertaining, funny, and of course, has some contestants who are pretty easy on the eye.

One of the volunteers, Human #12, has been sending Netflix fans crazy with his good looks.

So, who is Human #12? We found the 100 Humans star on Instagram to find out more about him!

Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E3 – Netflix

Who is Human #12 on 100 Humans?

Human #12 is Emmanuel “Manny” Hernandez. We found that Emmanuel is based in Los Angeles, California but he is originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He is of Puerto Rican descent.

Emmanuel is a Level 2 CrossFit Coach and a self-professed dog lover.

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We found Manny on Instagram where he has since gained over 1,800 followers and counting. This figure is correct as of publication date.

You can follow Manny on Instagram @mannyjhernandez

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Human #12 talks Netflix series

Human #12, or Emmanuel as we should now call him, has opened up on his time on 100 Humans.

Speaking about the show’s authenticity on Reddit, Emmanuel said:

We all went into this not really knowing what to expect. All different ethnicities, ages, religious and political views. No phones to get “lost” in. Just pure human interaction with complete strangers.

Emmanuel continued to describe their days spent on set, explaining that when they were not participating in experiments, you could find them playing board games, “slap ninja,” cards and so on.

He concluded: “I have 99 new friends that I’ll never forget and each one has made an impact in my life somehow.”

100 Humans fans go wild for Emmanuel

If you glance over Twitter and check out what people are saying about 100 Humans, then it’s pretty easy to spot who the female viewers have been drooling over.

One viewer tweeted: “So human number 12 in #100Humans got me feeling all them brain chemicals they talking about”

Another simply put: “Human 12, I love you”

We think there might be a Manny fan club on the horizon.




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