Netflix fans rejoice! There’s a brand new series this March which will offer some respite from the doom and gloom of the outside world.

100 Humans dropped to the streaming site on Friday, March 13th and already has everyone talking.

The three presenters – Sammy Obeid, Alie Ward, Zainab Johnson – put a series of questions about human nature and behaviour to the test each episode. Do you think that pretty privilege really can help you get away with murder? Or whether age really is just a number? Well, 100 Humans is here to find the answers!

One participant, Human #41, has really got the fans talking. So, who is Human #41?

Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Human #41?

Human #41 is Jess Druey. She is a Social Media Producer at Red Bull Media House from Bakersfield, California. She now lives in Los Angeles.

Jess studied for a degree in Digital Communication and Multimedia at Arizona State University. She graduated in 2018, so it’s likely that Jess is around 23 years old.

Jess’ job as a producer at Red Bull Media House has lead her to work with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and NBA player Anthony Davis. Before Jess was working for Red Bull, she worked as a creative intern at the likes of Soothe, Be Social and Henri Collective.

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100 Humans fans go crazy for Jess

The quarantine isn’t the only thing making everyone feel crazy; lots of 100 Humans fans have fallen head over heels for Jess following her appearance on the show.

Repeatedly, Jess’ fans have taken to Twitter to profess their love for her.

One viewer tweeted: “Can I please know human #41 in #100Humans I think I love you”

Another added: “I think I’m in love with Human #41 #100Humans #QuarantineAndChill”

Follow Human #41 on Instagram

To find out more about Human #41 – AKA Jess – then the best place to keep up to date with her latest is by following her on Instagram.

Most of her social feed is dominated by snaps from work or selfies on evenings out. It’s hardly a surprise that Jess already has over 4,400 followers and counting, as she looks practically built for the ‘Instagram Influencer’ role!

Check her out @jessdruey.



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