Since the explosive first season of 60 Days In landed on Netflix, the show – which originally aired on the A&E network in 2016 – has gained a whole new fanbase.

As the fans who saw the show when it aired back in 2016 did, opinions on the participants have been pouring out on to Twitter. And the opinions are largely in line with what they were back then.

We have the fans who think Zach was the hero of the show, those who are frightened of crazy Robert and the general opinion that Barbra was the most frustrating of the bunch.

So, who is Barbra? Find out about one of 6o Days In’s most talked-about participants here.

Screenshot: 60 Days In S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Barbra?

Barbra Roylance Williams, or Barbra Weldon as she went on the show, is a 28-year-old who participated in the first season of 60 Days In.

She is married to Sam Williams, a military man and the couple have two kids together, Noah (9) and Luke (7). She is a stay-at-home mother.


Barbra’s reasons for taking part in the experiment largely centred on her family. She wanted to know how her husband could have the same state benefits that a prisoner earned and why, in her opinion, jail was not a bad a place as it should be.

Barbra explained her reason to sign up to 60 Days In in the first episode. She said:

I feel strongly about this programme because I know that a lot of people go to jail, they get out and they go back to jail again. So I would like to figure out what’s going on, like why is jail not so bad that they’re not afraid to change their ways and go back again?

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Screenshot: The Williams family on 60 Days In S1 E1 – Netflix

What happened with Barbra on 60 Days In?

Her cover story was that she was travelling to Indiana with her family but it turned out that Barbra had an out-of-state warrant for her arrest. She was “skimming the books” and they were trying to get her for fraud.

Barbra, despite some people’s doubts, completed the full 60 days inside Clark County Jail in Jefferson, Indiana. And while the officers were impressed with Barbra, the viewers were far from.

While fellow participants Tami and Maryum got involved in the experiment, Barbra took a backseat throughout the entire experiment. At one point when Tami was having an argument, Barbra said “if it doesn’t involve me, I’m not going to involve myself in it”… obviously to the disappointment of Tami.

Tami stopped talking to Barbra afterwards.

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Where is Barbra Williams now?

Although Barbra appeared in the ‘Aftermath’ episode of 60 Days In season 1 she did not film the following update episode.

It was reported that Barbra was in danger following her appearance on 60 Days In but it is unspecified what this ‘danger’ was.

Not much is known about what Barbra is up to three years post-60 Days In. It was reported that she was finishing a degree as she was spotted at a university in Florida but this is unconfirmed.