Working in an undercover operation, as a member of the police or otherwise, seems like a stressful task enough. Combine that operation with infiltrating real prison and the task seems especially stressful.

60 Days In is a docuseries which landed on Netflix this October 2019.

The original show aired on A&E back in March 2016.

The series follows real civilians as they are sent into prison undercover as inmates and all in the name of rooting out police corruption and crime.

Robert was one of the most memorable participants from season 1. So, who is Robert? Where is he now?

Screenshot: 60 Days In S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Robert?

Robert Holcomb is a teacher originally from Illinois but now living in Philadelphia who participated in the undercover operation.

He specifically teaches Kindergarten 3 and 4, but explained that he teaches all 12 grades.

Robert went on to explain his reason for participating in the 6o-day experiment to the Clark County Jail officers. He said:

This is going to be a great learning experience so I can tell them the perspective of what happens with the choices they make.

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Robert on 60 Days In

Robert was the talk of the show and even was branded “crazy Robert” by the inmates and viewers at home. Robert was under the impression that being in jail would be like visiting a “country club” where he could make friends and believed he could spend months imprisoned easily.

But his actions in jail quickly landed him in solitary confinement for a month of his five-week stay at Clark County.  Robert did not make the full 60 days.


Trying to impress his fellow inmates, Robert covered one of the security cameras, which obviously did not go down well with the officers.

He was removed from the programme for unknown medical reasons. Robert initially said it was severe constipation but the Captain did not believe him.

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Where is Robert now?

We got to see where Robert Holcomb was six-months after the programme ended in the final episode.

He resumed his everyday life and returned to teaching.

There have been many rumours about what happened to Robert in the years after season 1 ended.

It appears that Robert deleted both his Instagram and Twitter, but he has a Reddit profile which he used to slate the show and speak to fans.

In one thread, Robert invited A&E to sue him for violating the contract. Not much has been heard from Robert Holcomb since.




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