Spoilers: The Circle season 5 winner has officially been announced. Before we make the grand reveal, here’s a clue – they’re already browsing new sneakers to add to their trainer collection with the $100K prize.

The finale saw Chaz, Jennifer, Oliver, Raven, Sam and Tamira compete for the champion title. All of them but two are being themselves, except Jennifer played by Brett Robinson and Xanthi, and Tamira played by Tasha.

However, only one player could win The Circle season 5, and they were a fan favorite from the very beginning. They were 100% themselves and put honesty at the forefront of her competition game… It paid off.

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Spoiler – The Circle season 5 winner

Sam Carmona won The Circle season 5. She took home the $100K cash prize after securing the number one spot in the final rankings. In second place was super influencer Chaz, followed by Raven, Tasia, and Jennifer.

It was a total surprise for the contestant. After making the finale, Sam was more than happy to come in second place to Chaz, but when she won, she spoke of bettering her mom and grandmother’s lives with the money. She told Parade:

When they were going to announce the winner, I remember having my head down and holding Chaz’s hand, and literally chanting to him, “I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of you.” I’m squeezing the life out of him. Then to hear my name, I feel like a wall of bricks fell on me. What is happening?!

Sam had ranked Chaz as her top fellow player in the final rankings, followed by Raven, Tamira, and Jennifer. However, it wasn’t always smooth-sailing for the The Circle winner as she ranked last in the first rankings.

Sam Carmona on The Circle

From Brooklyn, New York, Sam from The Circle is completely honest. She admitted she has cheated on previous romantic partners in the past, which returned contrasting opinions – but she survived all of the rankings.

She had a rethink on her approach after a difficult start on the Netflix series, deciding to go for a people-pleasing stance rather than laying out all of her true feelings in the chats as she originally planned.

Having built a following online of more than 775K followers on TikTok for being her true authentic self, Sam had the same idea when she headed in The Circle apartments. Sam, Chaz and Raven all shared an alliance in there.

Where the winner is today

Sam moved into a new home as of October 2022. She has shared an Amazon wishlist to her fans which features storage carts, sofas, eyelashes, rugs and other homeware.

She’s also been sharing new sneakers to her Instagram Story, which suggests she’s added to her trainer collection with her cash prize. Sam revealed that she wanted to come back to normal life after The Circle:

Honestly, I just wanted to come back to normal life. I’m somebody who’s big on staying humble, staying low-key, I’m not somebody to be in the bars and the clubs; that was in my 20s. I’m perfectly fine being in the house doing nothing. So it’s just making sure I still maintain my relationship with my family, keeping them in the loop about things. And it’s also a sense of security. I feel safer in my home.

Sam has been focusing on her TikTok page, sharing insights into her time on season 5 and hanging out with her grandmother, who we met on the finale of The Circle.



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