Singles Inferno season 2 has recently dropped on Netflix, introducing us to a new bunch of singletons, which has fans wondering where the season 1 cast are now.

Season 1 became an international success, all thanks to the entertainment and drama the cast, including Song Ji-a and Moon Se-hoon provided viewers with.

We take a look back and see what the Singles Inferno season 1 cast are up to now.

Song Ji-a

With an impressive 3.8 million Instagram followers and 2 million YouTube subscribers, Song Ji-a is the most followed of the season 1 cast. This comes as no surprise, as she entered the show with an already strong fan base.

The star posts on both her social media accounts regularly and seems to be living out the influencer dream.

Choi Si-hun

Choi Si-hun shocked viewers and the cast when he revealed that despite having a baby face, he was in fact 30 years old.

Like many of the cast, the star has gone down the influencer route, working with many different brands on the platform.

In the summer of this year, NME reported that he may be cast in an upcoming drama, after previously starring in web dramas including Cafe Kilimanjaro.

Seong Min-ji

Seong Min-ji has gone down the skincare and make-up route, modeling for many beauty brands over on her Instagram page.

Like many of the others, the Singles Inferno ex-cast mate has a YouTube channel where she gives fans an insight into her life with vlogs, including travel vlogs.

Shin Ji-yeon

Another Inferno contestant who seems to be living out her influencer dreams is Shin Ji-yeon. Boasting 1 million followers on the platform, Shin Ji-yeon has collaborated with high-end brands. These include Burberry and Chanel, as well as many Korean skincare brands.

Cha Hyun-seung

Cha Hyun-seung continues to pursue his dancing career, performing on a number of Korean TV shows.

Like many of his castmates, he’s picked up modeling on the side, which he showcases on his YouTube channel. He brings his subscribers along to his shoots so they can get a feel of what it’s like to be in the industry.

Moon Se-hoon

Moon Se-hoon had everyone’s hearts racing when he appeared on the Netflix show, and it seems that his good looks landed him a modeling career after the show. The star is now modeling for various Korean clothing brands.

He also still has his restaurant called Onlygo, which is recognized for its upscale yet reasonably priced dishes.

Kim Hyeon-joong

Another former cast member who has a million followers on the ‘gram is Kim Hyeon-joong. As well as his Instagram, he also has a YouTube channel where he posts a range of content including daily vlogs and gym tips.

His most recent video was him reacting to Singles Inferno season 2, so we know he’s watching the new cast.

As well as his work on social media, Kim continues to pursue his personal training career.

An Yea-won

An Yea-won seems to have her own clothing brand since leaving the show, which is linked in her Instagram bio. The brand seems to sell a range of stylish clothes from outwear to party dresses, so shoppers are sorted for any occasion.

The star recently posted a picture resembling a modeling shoot on Instagram captioned “I love my job” so it seems like many of the others, An Yea-won has also gone down the modeling route.

Kim Jun-sik

Sticking to his roots, it seems from his Instagram that Kim Jun-sik has been working with Netflix ever since he left Singles Inferno.

He’s also started up his own supplement company and has recently been attending many exhibitions to promote these.

The star also seems to be an avid foodie, sharing snaps of the best food he finds on his travels with his 302k followers.

Kim Su-Min

Model Kim Su-Min has gained a number of endorsements on Instagram since leaving the show. She’s also taken to daily vlogging, so if you miss her on the show, head over to her Instagram and YouTube where you can see just what she’s been getting up to.

Oh Jin-tаek

Oh Jin-taek is an all-rounder. Despite being a ‘suited and booted entrepreneur’ he’s also a big fan of playing sports, as seen on his Instagram page.

He continues to run his businesswear clothing brand Ascottage, which he co-founded and also models for.

As well as showcasing his fashion and sporty side on Instagram, he also shares many pictures of his cat with his almost half a million followers, and fans just can’t get enough of the cuteness.

Kаng So-yeon

Last, but certainly not least is Kang So-yeon. As per her website, she labels herself as a “Professional Creator, Sports-entertainer, Model & Actor, and Announcer of golf.” It seems like there isn’t anything she can’t do!

The star’s Instagram showcases her successful football career, and on the side, she’s been working with brands such as Porsche, as well as featuring in Vogue Thailand.



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