Singles Inferno season 2 recently arrived on Netflix and fans are already swooning over cast member Kim Han-Bin.

The Netflix show had fans hooked to its first season which was released in December 2021 and just a year later season 2 is here.

Singles Inferno’s second installment came out on Netflix on Tuesday, December 13 with two episodes.

The show sees young, attractive, and single Koreans arriving on Inferno Island, where they get to know each other. Some of them will later be given access to a luxury hotel. However, to escape the ‘hell’ they need to find to couple up. However, there’s another twist.

None of them know anything about each other besides their names. They aren’t allowed to share what their profession is or any other information with one another.

Meet Kim Han-Bin from Singles Inferno on Instagram

Kim Han-Bin is a single who’s managed to swoon many viewers in just two episodes of Singles Inferno season 2.

Many fans thought that Kim’s looks and personality were really cute. His Instagram also echoes the same aesthetic.

Kim who has close to 80,000 followers on Instagram is a nature lover through and through. Many of his latest posts see him having the time of his life as he surfs the waves or just goes stand-up paddling in the water.

His pictures also indicate his great fashion sense. However, there’s almost no hint of what he does for a living on his Instagram.

Kim could be a professional chef

Kim quickly became the resident chef on Singles Inferno season 2. His skill with the knife and his ease with the task could hint toward him being a professional chef.

While this might sound presumptuous this early in the season, we would like to remind you that in season 1, Moon Se-hoon was the residential chef. We later got to know that he is a professional chef who owns a restaurant.

Moreover, some of Kim’s Instagram posts also show his love for cooking.

This could be the case with Kim too, but only time will tell.

Fans swoon over contestant as season 2 releases

“I like Kim Han-bin the most of the boys so far, he totally won me over with his attitude, he’s cute and super cheerful,” one fan wrote.

“omg kim han-bin is so adorable i love him,” a second person said.

“I’m watching Singles Inferno 2 and how in the hell did Kim Han-Bin not get a postcard from the women?! He’s so sweet and kind!” a third fan wrote.



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