Agent H on Physical 100 is a contestant on the gruelling Netflix series. He fought Seol Ki Kwan, and there’s one place where he learned his stamina – in the Korea Navy Warfare Special Corps. Let’s look at his Instagram.

Think The Challenge on MTV or, perhaps, Netflix’s Squid Games. This is the reality show version where contestants take part in a series of tough tasks like brawls or hanging from a bar, before they are submerged in water if they let go.

Agent H is just one of the 100 contestants hoping to win the huge cash prize. Reality Titbit has found out all viewers need to know about him, whose real name is actually Hwang Ji Hoon.

Agent H on Physical 100

Agent H, whose real name is Hwang Ji Hoon, is a cast member on Netflix’s Physical 100. The South Korean star is 36 years old, having been born on January 18, 1987, and rose to fame on Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2 The Complete in 2021.

He was also a guest on Do You Lightsum TV show in 2021. The YouTuber donated 182 million won, together with E-Land, to 100 individuals of national merit at E-land’s headquarters in Seoul, June 2, 2021.

Agent H is Singles Inferno star Kim Jin-young’s senior and the head of an influencer agency. During episode 2, he fought Seol Ki Kwan, but viewers have to wait until episode 3 to see who actually won.

Meet Agent H on Instagram

Agent H, known as UDT Bro on Instagram, has a whopping 206,000 followers at the time of writing. His page features military photos, snippets of his YouTube content, and some more chill snaps of his daily life.

He’s besties with Singles Inferno star Kim Jin-young, who he works with, and is usually based at kthd studio. He promotes his popular YouTube channel on Instagram, where he can be seen unboxing a silver button with a gun.

Agent H from Physical 100’s Instagram is inundated with comments of his impressive skills. One Netflix viewer told the contestant: “Sir, you did well at Physical 100 👏🔥.”

The Physical 100 star’s career

Agent H was a non-commissioned officer in the Navy Special Warfare Corps at the age of 21. Five years later, he was discharged as a sergeant. During his military service, he was a member of the military’s Underwater Demolition Team.

He also served as a sniper, as well as a model and the CEO of Kick the Hurdle Studio (KTHD), a broadcasting and media production company/studio/creator of YouTube Channels. Singles Inferno star Kim Jin-young works for the same firm.

Agent H’s YouTube channel Mission Possible features military, exercise, & entertainment content videos. The channel has over 866,000 subscribers and over 135 million views.



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