Who is Akshay Jakhete? Indian Matchmaking star's family and career explored

Netflix has found another smash-hit dating series with Indian Matchmaking. 

The brand new show follows Mumbai’s top matchmaker, Sima Taparia, as she helps forge couples across America. Sima makes each couple based on her rigorous (and highly successful) matching process, which takes into consideration personality, looks, heritage, even star signs!

All of the singletons are seeking Sima’s help to find ‘The One’ and hopefully a partner they can walk down the aisle. But this isn’t always an easy task. No matter how much Sima’s clients want to get married, some of them prove tricky customers. One of such was Akshay Jakhete, who featured in episode 5.

So, what happened with Akshay Jakhete on Indian Matchmaking? We’ve done some digging into Sima’s stubborn singleton to find out more about him.

Screenshot: Indian Matchmaking S1 E5 – Netflix

Meet Akshay from Indian Matchmaking

Akshay Jakhete is a 25-year-old from Mumbai, India. He had just returned from studying in Boston, USA when he appeared on the show.

While on Indian Matchmaking, Akshay explained to Sima that he was looking for a woman who was similar to his mother. Now, this obviously does not bode well for a matchmaker, as it’s pretty hard to find someone who will fit the bill. Things became even more difficult for Sima, as Akshay rejected many of her proposed matches based on photos alone.


Akshay felt pressure from his mother, Preeti, to find a match. His younger brother, Aditya, had married at the age of 23. Akshay felt the clock ticking.

Akshay Jakhete: Career

Akshay speaks about how moving to Boston was a big deal for him. While studying, Akshay had to do things for himself – such as cooking and cleaning – that he was not used to. Akshay speaks about how at home in Mumbai, everything is done for him.

It is clear that Akshay comes from a very well-off family. His mother, Preeti, shows off the jewels and hand-crafted garments she has saved for her future daughter-in-law.

Although unconfirmed, we found Mumbai-based company Prabhanjan Automobiles two directors are Preeti and Aditya Jakhete. Preeti also oversees Aditya Cars, Akshay Cars, and Jakhete Ventures. It could well be that the family business is in cars then, and Akshay has returned to Mumbia to be the director of one of the family businesses.

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What happened with Akshay and Radhika?

If you have yet to watch the final episode of Indian Matchmaking, there are spoilers ahead…

It looked like Akshay had finally decided on a match with a ceremony called Roka being held. In Hindi, Roka means “stop;” this is an engagement symbolising the search has ended and both families intend to marry their children. Eventually, Akshay chose to marry Radhika. But things did not go as planned for the couple.

Speaking to the LA Times, Akshay said: “A few days later, there were some things which we found out that did not go down well with us, and eventually I called it off.” He did not specify why, but added: “Trust is something [that] once broken cannot be regained in a matter of days — it takes a really long time.”




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