Spoilers: ALERT! The Circle season 4 winner has been announced, taking home that massive cash prize. From how they spent their winnings to their successful stint on the Netflix series, we can reveal how their life is going today.

An entire line-up of genuine contestants and of course, catfishes, tried to get their fellow players on side and ultimately make their way to the grand finale. They never met though, and only communicated through a virtual screen.

Ironically though, they were all holed up in the same block of Manchester flats. The fourth season has since come to an end, with just one person taking home the win… So, just who won The Circle season 4?

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle season 4 winner

Frank Grimsley took home The Circle season 4 crown. Much to the delight of fans who cheered him on from start to finish, he went into the competition as his genuine self – and it all paid off!

Rachel, Imani (aka Trevor), Frank and Yu Ling all managed to secure their place in the finale, which made a tense episode 13 before the official winner was announced. And Frank’s happiness at winning was clear to see.

During episode 12, Nathan (aka Alex) and Everson’s fate was up in the air, before the latter made his way into the finale. Later on during the last season 4 episode, Frank is granted the $150,000 grand prize *exits Circle chat*.

Their success on the Netflix show

Frank won over his fellow contestants from start to finish. The digital creator and licensed therapist set out to win from day one, so it was no surprise when he landed in or near the top of ratings during each blocking.

He usually made a great impression on each player, OG or new, and when it came to the last few minutes of season 4, Frank revealed that he felt The Circle always needed him. His determination to win never faltered throughout!

At one point, Frank was granted the super-secret influencer, and had the influencer role three times on the season. He also formed a really early bond with Crissa, calling her his “Day 1 Number 1” before she was eliminated.

Then all the way until the end, he had fellow finalist Yu Ling as his ally, after he encouraged her to come out of her shell more after the first blocking. Rachel then joined their group to make a throuple!

Where The Circle winner is today

Frank has now been able to pay off his graduation school debt with his $150,000 cash prize. He revealed during an interview with Parade that he previously lived paycheck to paycheck, but said that’s no longer a worry. Frank said:

My problem used to be I didn’t have any money. I was paycheck to paycheck. And it’s not that anymore. I can get what I want if I really want to, even though I shouldn’t sometimes.

He added that he’s not quite at the point where he lives a life of wealth, but that his biggest thing has always been money. Career-wise, Frank has been hosting the Big Boys Brunch Too event and has worked with big brands like Ciroc.



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