Love is Blind fans get to catch up with Alexa Lemieux and the rest of the season 3 cast members during the new After The Altar episodes. Alexa’s birthday party sees exes reunite including Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey.

Alexa clearly loves the finer things in life and says during the Love is Blind episodes that she “likes diamonds” when asked if she was “registered anywhere” for her birthday by Zanab.

The Netflix star said that her birthday is set to be a “cocktail extraordinaire” and marks her “leaving her golden era.”

When is Alexa from Love is Blind’s birthday?

Alexa celebrates her birthday on August 28, 1994, reports Famous Birthdays.

According to Bartise Bowden, Love Is Blind: After The Altar season 3 was filmed in August 2022.

This means that Alexa would have been turning 28 when she celebrated her birthday on the Netflix reality show.

Alexa is currently 28 years old and will turn 29 this August (in 2023).

She’s a Libra on the zodiac and was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Alexa and her stepmom talk babies

During Love Is Blind After The Altar season 3, Alexa spoke to her stepmother about her plans to have children with Brennan.

Alexa’s stepmom, Morgan Alfia, is 33 years old reports Meaww. This makes Morgan, five years older than her stepdaughter.

Morgan was asked by Cole why she looked like she was the same age as Alexa on the Netflix reality show.

Morgan replied: “Because we basically are.”

Alexa’s stepmom has almost 12k followers on Instagram and she can be found at @mtalfia.

Brennan said Alexa is ‘Met Gala fancy’

During After The Altar episode 1, Alexa revealed that she was throwing a party for her birthday.

She said she wanted the event to be “bigger than big,” and a “huge vibe.”

Alexa explained that she wanted her birthday to be very “sexy, elegant, and classy.”

Her partner, Brennan, said: “You’re fancy girl, Met Gala fancy.”

Alexa certainly came through with the decadent bash which was featured on the final episode of After The Altar season 3.

The Love Is Blind star’s party featured some stunning outfits, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and lots of shots.



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