Alyssa Ljubicich is the all-confident, all-loving star of The Circle season 4. From the screen to her Instagram, there really isn’t telling any difference, because she’s bringing her positivity to everyone that surrounds her.

The Netflix series shows a group of contestants, who each communicate to the others via a screen, and either pose as themselves or as a catfish. Alyssa is bringing her real self to the table, but some players question how genuine she is.

Her Instagram is filled with advice, which mainly comes from her job as a s*x coach’s assistant. She shares tips on consent, birth control methods, why people want a coach for their intimate lives, and more.

The reality is, when it comes to “be square or be there”, she’s always the latter. In fact, she’s so not square that she made it inside The Circle and has gotten to know her fellow players already. Let’s peek at her Instagram…

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The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Alyssa on The Circle?

Alyssa Ljubicich is a 27-year-old The Circle player from New York. Her aim is to influence the other players to tell her their strategies, in the same way she does for a daily living in the real world.

The assistant walked into the famous apartment block in Manchester, where the series is filmed, with a vulva pillow in one arm and her confidence in the other. A few episodes in though and some players think she could be a catfish.

From 2020 to 2021, Alyssa was a social media advisor for Lance Bass Productions. This was at the same time that Lance Bass’ assistant Lisa Delcampo appeared on The Circle Season 2, as per Elite Daily.

She assists a s*x coach for a living

The Netflix star, who isn’t afraid to say the word v*gina, has an aim to help people have “amazing s*x”. Alyssa’s Instagram is filled with tips for the bedroom, from birth control to the reason for having a coach.

Alongside her role as an assistant to a s*x coach, she is also a s*x and relationship coach in partnership with the S*xual Health Alliance (SHA), and regularly posts collaboration advice as part of that job.

Her boss is intimacy expert Dolly Josette who aims to empower women and couples to deepen intimacy, expand their pleasure and heal shame through her brand Pleasure Muse. She has also been involved with a Q&A on Alyssa’s IG.

At the end of 2021, Alyssa attended her first S*xual Attitude Reassessment conference, which is part of getting her certification with the SHA. She called their campus “dog-friendly”, which translated to doing the work on her couch.

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Her Instagram proves she has a big Circle

Alyssa is rarely seen by herself, despite spending all of her time on The Circle in her own room alone. Her oozing confidence is clear to see away from the screen too, when she spends time with her close friends.

She’s already become a popular fan favorite on the Netflix series, so it’s no surprise that she’s just as liked in real life. From partying in clubs to going out for dinner, Alyssa brought in the 2022 New Year by having drinks with loved ones.

If 7.1K followers wasn’t a big enough hint of her wide friendships, her best friend is YouTuber Tara Yummy. Now, Alyssa is experiencing her own claim to fame on the reality show – and many hope she becomes this season’s winner!



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