The American BBQ Showdown prize is arguably every pitmaster’s dream come true. But, only one of the eight contestants taking part will be crowned the season 2 winner in 2023. The Netflix show kicked off its second season on May 26.

Eight talented barbecuers bring their a-game to the sizzling-hot Netflix show. Some of the contestants are new to the world of barbecue while others have been honing their talents on the grill for decades.

Whoever manages to blow the socks off the judges will be crowned the season 2 winner, so let’s find out more about what’s a stake for the chefs.

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American BBQ Showdown prize

Smoking, reverse-searing, and many more techniques are being pulled out the bag on The American BBQ Showdown season 2.

The judges are looking for “crisp skin” and “masterful searing,” “mouthwatering smoke rings,” and much more during the Netflix show.

For the competitor who manages to barbecue their way to the top, there’s a cash prize of $50,000 up for grabs.

The American Barbecue Showdown winner will also take home a top-of-the-line reverse flow smoker and the title of Barbecue Showdown Champion, of course.

Meet the Barbecue Showdown host

The American Barbecue Showdown season 2 host has been switched up from season 1’s Rutledge Wood.

Comedian, actress, and TV presenter Michelle Buteau is hosting the Netflix show in 2023.

Introducing herself on the show, Michelle says she isn’t a judge on the series but she is “very judgy.”

The host is a “big barbecue fan” and can be found on Instagram @michellebuteau with around 280k followers.

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Who are the BBQ Showdown season 2 judges?

Kevin Bludso, owner of Bludso’s Barbecue empire, is one of the Barbecue Showdown judges for season 2.

Joining Kevin is barbecue world champion, Melissa Cookston. Find Melissa on Instagram @melissa.cookston.

Host Michelle refers to Kevin and Melissa as “barbecue royalty.” Melissa is a seven-time world bbq champion and Kevin is a fourth-generation pitmaster. Find him on Instagram at @kevinbludsobbq.

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