Cheer is Netflix’s latest documentary series and just two days after its release, the show has gained a tonne of fans and critical praise.

Created by the same team behind Last Chance U, Cheer takes an inside look to one of the top competitive cheer squads in America, Navarro College. Although viewers were allowed to go behind the scenes, there was one area the docuseries specifically avoided talking about: the Andre McGee scandal.

Back in 2015, Andre McGee – then a volunteer coach for the cheer squad – was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting one of the cheerleaders.

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Andre McGee and Navarro College

From 1995 to 2000, Andre McGee attended Navarro College and was a member of the cheer squad.

In November 2003, Andre was employed by Navarro College as a Resident Advisor (RA). He stayed in that job until June 2004.

It is unknown when Andre returned to Navarro to help specifically with the cheer programme. Andre returned not as an employee of the college, but as a volunteer assistant coach.

Andre was alluded to in episode 3’s treasure hunt, when a question was asked about who was on the 2000s team. There was no other comment throughout the series on who Andre McGee is or the scandal.

The Andre McGee scandal

News hit the headlines in January 2018 of a sexual assault which took place in Navarro College back in October 2015. The assault was reported three months after the incident took place.

One of the cheerleaders on the team reported that Andre McGee forced him to take Xanax and then awoke to Andre assaulting him. A second cheerleader made similar claims, however did not want to talk on record according to a CBS news report.

When the victim reported the assault to Navarro College and head coach Monica Aldama, he was informed that McGee was not actually an employee of the college.

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What did Navarro College say about Andre McGee?

The college obviously has students’ best interest at heart and it did not take them long to release a statement about the sexual assault. However, Navarro College distanced themselves from the incident due to the fact Andre McGee was not an employee of theirs.

Monica Aldama also released a statement. Although she was not sued by the victim, Monica’s name was bandied around due to her close proximity to the case. The victim also reported that he had informed Monica of the crime.

Monica stated:

I have never and would never tolerate sexual harassment or sexual abuse in the Navarro College cheer program. I would not remain silent if I were aware that any sexual misconduct were occurring in the cheer program…

Once I learned of the allegations against Mr. McGee, I ensured that he had no further contact with the Navarro College cheer team.

What happened with the case?

The court dismissed the case against Andre McGee on December 14th, 2018. However, the former Navarro College student is reportedly pursuing a civil case against the school and Monica Aldama.

There have not been any updates on the trial, which was supposed to have taken place last year.

The fact there was no comment on the case in the Netflix docuseries may be because the trial is ongoing.

Andre McGee still protests his innocence.



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