Ankita Bansal becomes Indian Matchmaking favourite: Instagram updates!
Screenshot: Ankita in Indian Matchmaking S1 E6 - Netflix

Ankita Bansal becomes Indian Matchmaking favourite: Instagram updates!

Indian Matchmaking fans have found their new favourite of the series in the form of Ankita Bansal.

Ankita showed up on Indian Matchmaking looking for ‘The One’. She was enlisting the help of Mumbai’s superstar matchmaker, Sima Taparia, to find her a partner. Unfortunately, Sima could not help Ankita given her criteria for a partner did not match with Sima’s conservative client network. Instead, Ankita was referred to Delhi-based matchmaker Geeta.

Sima could not help because of Ankita’s more liberal views, but that made Indian Matchmaking fans fall even more in love with her. Even if Ankita couldn’t find her match on the show, she’s definitely found herself a fan base!

Screenshot: Ankita in Indian Matchmaking S1 E6 – Netflix

Who is Ankita Bansal?

Ankita Bansal is a Delhi-based entrepreneur, namely the co-founder and partner of Indian fashion brand, THERE!

Ankita is introduced in episode 6 (‘It’s High Time’). When we meet Ankita, it’s clear where she stands in regard to relationships. She says: “Just because you’re independent, doesn’t mean you’re not marriageable or stubborn or arrogant. What is it to you? My partner needs to let me be the stronger woman that I am today. It’s time to be happy. It’s time to be equal.”

Ankita also explained her struggles with previously finding someone to marry. She recounted the bullying she received from prospective suitors and their parents. They told Ankita that they were looking for “pretty girls” or that she should “lose some weight.” This made Ankita’s determination to find her own happiness – personally and through her work – all the more moving.

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Indian Matchmaking fans fall for Ankita

Since Indian Matchmaking launched to Netflix, the show has received a slew of criticism for its presentation of divisive issues within Indian and South Asian communities; issues of colourism, caste, and misogyny. With Ankita declaring herself as against those more traditional ideas, some critics described Ankita as a “breath of fresh air” on the show.

It’s pretty clear from taking a look at Twitter that the Indian Matchmaking fans are all about Ankita.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Only saving grace in the whole series is Ankita from Delhi and her parents- what a strong woman- India needs more such women . No weak Indian man deserves her.”

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Follow Ankita Bansal on Instagram

It’s no surprise that Ankita’s fans have all been hunting down her Instagram profile. If you want to join her following, check out her profile @ankitabansal90.

In her Instagram bio, Ankita describes herself as a “full time day dreamer of pizzas, dogs & haseen vadiya.” In Ankita’s bio she also claims she is “wired weird.”

On Friday, July 17th, Ankita wrote about her experience on Indian Matchmaking in an Instagram post. She wrote:

I am also a SUCKER FOR OLD SCHOOL ROMANCE. I am from the generation that grew up watching all possible high school romance and family love stories and my heart is a lot like Anjalis. But I also grew up loving myself in all my glory. I take massive pride in knowing what I want, who I am, my constant changing thought process all thanks to the various experiences I learn through my interactions.




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