Who is Anna Shay's son Kenny Kemp? Meet Bling Empire star's only child!

Who is Anna Shay's son Kenny Kemp? Meet Bling Empire star's only child!

Kenny Kemp has briefly starred on Bling Empire, as the son of Anna Shay. So who is he? Here’s everything you need to know about him…

When Netflix brought out the reality series, which follows the lives of Asians living in Los Angeles, Anna Shay quickly became a fan favourite.

A couple of times, we have caught a glimpse of her son Kenny, which has led fans to question what he does for a living.

So who is Kenny Kemp? What is there to know about Anna’s son?

Who is Anna Shay’s son Kenny Kemp?

Kenneth, called Kenny for short, was named after his father Kenny Kemp.

He is the only son of Anna Shay and lives in Beverly Hills, California.

The 27-year-old is best known for owning 6-figure glass pipes and bongs, and has been described as a “passionate stoner” by Buzzfeed.

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Does Kenny have a girlfriend?

  • Yes

Kenny is in a relationship with Nikki Trivino, who is from Los Angeles.

According to his Facebook profile, they have been together for 10 years.

As Kenny reportedly does not have Instagram, there aren’t any recent photos of the couple that could be found.

However, we do catch a glimpse of her on Bling Empire!

What does Kenny do for a living?

  • It is not known exactly what Kenny does

Kenny reportedly doesn’t work in the marijuana industry, and has legally paid for his $500,000 glass bong collection.

According to reports, he kept and hid the bongs in a vault inside his mother’s Beverly Hills mansion.

As he is the soul heir to hundreds of millions of dollars, Kenny might not have a job, and is likely to have inherited money from his grandfather.



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