Netflix has a brand new four-part true crime series launching on Wednesday, April 1st, which documents one of the most bizarre miscarriages of justice that the US has ever seen.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal documents how one chemist, Sonja Farak, working in a Massachusetts crime lab became addicted to the drugs she was testing and over the course of nine years, tampered with thousands of cases to feed her habit.

Not only is that story mad enough on its own, it spirals further out of control when they explore that a second chemist was also tampering with evidence and falsifying data.

So, what happened to Annie Dookhan, the second chemist featured in How to Fix a Drug Scandal?

Annie Dookhan and Sonja Farak in How to Fix a Drug Scandal – Netflix

Who is Annie Dookhan?

Annie Dookhan was born in 1977 in Trinidad and Tobago. She moved to the States as a child and lived in Boston in her later years.

In 2003, Annie was hired as a chemist at the Hinton State Laboratory Institute in Boston and worked there for the next nine years. Colleagues of Annie’s at the Hinton lab were always impressed with her work, claiming she was the fastest processor and even calling her “superwoman of the Hinton lab” on the documentary.

It was only when revelations about how Annie was so quick in the lab that it all fell into place. Annie had been faking analyses, altering drug samples, forging initials of an evidence officer in her log book, and testing samples by eye.

So not just any petty crime. 

Annie was arrested on September 28th, 2012.

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Screenshot: How to Fix a Drug Scandal S1 E2 – Netflix

How many cases did Annie Dookhan affect?

In April 2017, prosecutors in eight counties around the Boston area announced that they would dismiss 21,587 drug cases which had been affected by Annie Dookhan’s misconduct.

It was the largest dismissal of convictions in US history and many feared that when Sonja Farak was revealed to be tampering with evidence, they’d have another Dookhan-style overturn on their hands.


Well, they were right. When the misconduct was revealed at Amherst Lab, more than 24,000 charges from more than 16,000 cases in Massachusetts were dismissed.

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Where is Annie Dookhan now?

Annie Dookhan was charged with obstruction of justice and evidence tampering, and sentenced three to five years behind bars in November 2013.

Given the fact Annie had no prior record, she only spent three years behind bars and was released on parole in April 2016. Ever since she has maintained a low profile.

Annie’s attorney, Nicolas Gordon, told The Boston Herald in 2016:

She’s [Annie] moving forward with her life and she has a very positive outlook on the future. I don’t think she’s made any major life decisions about what she’s going to do. She’s certainly keeping her options open.

Annie has made no comment to the press since 2013 and has not spoken on the documentary.




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