Q Ball: Who is Anthony Ammons? Meet Netflix star from basketball documentary!

Q Ball is the latest sports documentary in Netflix‘s growing family.

The emotional and award-winning film follows the basketball team San Quentin Warriors – a team formed by people serving sentences in a Californian prison.

What’s really encouraging about Q Ball is how they bond through playing basketball together and find a new purpose before they get out.

The Netflix documentary features the hopes and challenges, the lows and ups of those inmates and how they use their passion for basketball to uplift each other.

One of the basketball players in the film is Anthony Ammons. Let’s get to know Anthony more!

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Anthony Ammons in Q Ball

Meet Anthony Ammons

Anthony Ammons, aka ‘Ant’, is known among his teammates as ‘half man, half amazing’.

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At the age of 16, he was convicted to serve a 102-year sentence at the San Quentin prison in California.

Like his mates from San Quentin Warriors, Ant uses basketball to turn his personal struggles into redemption.

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Why is Anthony in prison?

Anthony is in prison for a gang-related murder.

In the documentary, Anthony candidly opens up about his upbringing, revealing that he saw his first murder when he was just 11 years old.

He didn’t know his father, while his mother was a drug addict. Talking about why he joined a local gang in his hometown, Ant explains:

I felt abandoned. I felt no one saw me. Even though I was speaking loud, and I was screaming loud, no one heard me.

So I started gangbanging. A lot of the stuff I did, I did for, ‘Oh, you see me. You hear me’.

Anthony’s basketball passion

Even though Ant won’t have the chance to pursue a basketball career, he finds a new hope when he plays with his inmates in prison.

He says: “When I step on a basketball court, I’m at home.”




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