Indian Matchmaking is fast becoming one of Netflix’s shows of the summer.

The hit dating series launched on Thursday, July 16th and has captured the world’s heart. It follows as Mumbai’s top matchmaker couples up singletons from around the world. For some reason or other, they have yet to find their match. But this is where Sima comes in. With a meticulous matching process which involves taking into their (and their parents’) preferences, goals, personality, looks, and even star signs in some cases, Sima hopes to find a perfect match for her clients.

On Indian Matchmaking, Sima had her work cut out for her with Aparna Shewakramni, a Houston-based lawyer with a tough criteria for her dream partner. Aparna is totally one of the reasons viewers are falling head over heels for the show – she’s comedy gold!

So, we’ve done some digging online to find out more about Aparna. We found her on Instagram to get to know her better and see what she’s up to post-Indian Matchmaking. Find out about Aparna Shewakramani here.

Screenshot: Aparna in Indian Matchmaking S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Aparna Shewakramani?

Aparna Shewakramni is a 34-year-old lawyer living in Houston, Texas. She works as the general counsel for an insurance company. Aparna also has a passion for travel, as we learned on the show, and is the co-founder of My Golden Balloon. My Golden Balloon is travel website specialising in curated vacations for female travellers

For someone looking for marriage, Aparna sounds like she’s far from ready for that commitment. In episode 1, Aparna said:

I see some of my friends and they’re with their husbands all the time, and I’m like ‘Don’t you hate that person? You see them all the time.’ And they’re like ‘They’re my husband!’ And I’m like… ‘Oh, do we have to see our husbands all the time? Is that a thing that people have to do? ‘Coz I’d rather not I think.’

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Aparna on Indian Matchmaking

It was clear from Aparna’s appearance in episode 1 that she was made for TV. Going against all expectations of what one usually looks for in a partner, Aparna’s criteria had viewers in stitches. She is after a man who is definitely not funny (she hates comedy), definitely not a lawyer (she hates being a lawyer) and who knows fun facts about the world, like how Bolivia has salt flats.

What makes Aparna even more hilarious? Her mother.

Aparna and her mother, Jotika, with their ridiculously high standards had viewers in stitches.

Follow Aparna on Instagram

To keep up to date with Aparna Shewakramani, then be sure to follow her on Instagram.

From the looks of her social media, Aparna is still single, but she’s doing what she loves most in life: travelling. There are plenty of wanderlust-inducing images on Aparna’s feed and cute pictures of her pup Conan too.

You can find Aparna under the handle @aparnashewakramani.



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