As Indian Matchmaking season 3 is about to drop on Netflix, but before we dive in, many viewers are asking which of the couples are still together from season 2 and how many of the cast members are still single.

The eight-episode series drops on Netflix on April 21st and sees matchmaker Sima Taparia work her magic with various singletons.

Some of the clients on Indian Matchmaking had long checklists of criteria for a potential partner but Sima was on hand to encourage them to be realistic in their expectations.

Before season 3 drops, fans want to know more about which of the season 2 cast are still together in 2023.

Ashima Chauhan and Pradhyuman Maloo sit on a sofa on Indian Matchmaking, he smiles wearing a navy shirt and black trousers, she wears a black blouse and long pink skirt
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Some Indian Matchmaking stars are single

There are no guarantees on the show that the cast members are going to find a life partner. Speaking to Today Sima explained that there’s no “magic wand” to finding love at that she sometimes works with clients for years to find them a match because “it’s destiny.”

While on the show, viewers saw Vinesh Vasnani date Mosum and Meena. However, he described Meena’s rejection as like “being stabbed in the heart with a plastic knife.”

Vinesh can be found on Instagram @vineshfresh and is still a dog dad to Baags.

Arshneel Kochar has a private Instagram @heartbeatzdr. He dated Anjali and Rinkle during Indian Matchmaking but viewers were left on a cliffhanger in episode 6 as to how things went with Rinkle.

Aparna Shewakramani and Nadia Jagessar were both on Indian Matchmaking Season 1. The two returned for season 2 but both ended the season after not finding ‘the one.’

Aparna is on Instagram @aparnashewakramani with 72K followers. She still appears to be single in 2023.

Nadia still appears to be single on her Instagram page and can be found @nadiajagessar.

Akshay Dhumal is still single after the show but he said he is looking forward to meeting nice people in the future with Sima’s help.

Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta

Although Sima found people for Shital to go on dates with, including Kothari and Avi, Shital ended up meeting Niraj Mehta through her sister.

She ended her time on the show saying that she “loved” Niraj and judging by how much they comment on each other’s posts on Instagram, they appear to still be close in 2023. However, as Shital is on season 3 it appears she’s still looking for love.

Keep up to date with Shital on Instagram @therealshitalpatel and Niraj @dr.rajmoves.

Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah

Viral and Aashay were matched by Sima and appeared to get on really well during Indian Matchmaking.

The two could be seen at the end of the series talking about how they could make things work long distance given that she lived in New Jersey and he was in New York.

There’s no evidence of Viral on Aashay’s Instagram page (@aashayshah_18) and the same goes for Aashay on Viral’s – @viraljoshi_.

At the end of season 2, Viral said that Ashay was “the best guy she had ever dated”. However, Aashay is appearing in season 3 so it appears the duo is not together anymore.

Pradhyuman Maloo is now married

Pradhyuman Maloo returned for a second season of Indian Matchmaking, but he won’t be back for season 3. That’s because he and his now married to Ashima.

However, they weren’t matched by Sima, he found love after meeting Ashima at a party.

Sima said that he had met 150 girls before things “clicked” with Ashima.

Stay up to date with Pradhyuman @pradhyum.m on Instagram and Ashima @ashimachauhaanofficial.



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